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iGaming is a term that serves as an abbreviation for online gaming, virtual gaming or internet gaming. In other words, it is a word that describes all types of games that take place in the digital environment, such as online casinos, poker, slots, sports betting, live roulette, among others.

iGaming allows interested people – only those of legal age – to play from devices with internet access, such as cell phones, tablets and PCs. Thus, players can have this experience from anywhere and at any time, without needing to travel to a specific establishment.

Currently, this practice allows Brazilians to experience something very similar to trying their luck in a physical casino in the world gambling capital Las Vegas.

After all, Brazilian legislation has prohibited the operation of physical gaming rooms since the 1940s – even though there are proposals being processed in the National Congress aiming to end this restriction.

The online betting scenario in Brazil in 2023

Since 2018, the online betting market has been growing substantially in Brazil. With the legalization of the sector in December of the same year, the country began to explore its full iGaming potential and attract the attention of players from all over the world.

The boom in recent years has been undeniable, but 2023 ended with impressive numbers. According to a report published by the website SimilarWeb in December last year, the Brazilian iGaming sector recorded a 95% increase in access between the months of September and November.

During this period, bookmakers had more than 2 billion visits, with 6 minutes per access on average. There were around 61 million unique visitors in November alone.

This data indicates that more than 40% of Brazilian adults accessed at least one betting platform in the last three months of 2023.

Traffic catalysts on iGaming sites

Furthermore, the research clarified what led to this remarkable phenomenon among Brazilians. Interestingly, football was not the only sport to influence the population’s search for betting houses.

Highly appealing competitions, such as the Pan-American Games in Santiago, the Formula 1 races in Mexico and the USA and the Artistic Gymnastics World Championship were catalysts for the increase in traffic on betting sites.

Of course, football was not left out of the list with the semi-finals of the Libertadores da América and the presence of three national clubs (Fluminense, Internacional and Palmeiras) also contributing to sparking popular interest in iGaming platforms.

However, it is worth noting that this growth was not restricted to sports betting, which increased by 80.6% in the period. Other iGaming categories also ended 2023 on an increase:

  • 118% growth in access to online casinos,
  • 55% increase in access to lottery websites,
  • 55.8% growth in visits to bingo sites,
  • 27.5% increase in visits to poker sites.

What is iGaming for the B2B segment?

What iGaming is for the B2B (Business-to-Business) segment refers to both the provision of services and the provision of solutions for players in the gaming industry.

Thus, B2B iGaming groups offer different services to sports betting operators, online casinos and other market representatives on a global scale.

Currently, the list of services is extensive and includes the following items:

Digital platforms: creation of websites and specific software for betting houses, from casino management systems to online gaming systems.

Solutions for regulatory processes: structuring processes and services to ensure that everything the respective betting platform presents is running in compliance with local and global industry legislation.

Software for sports betting: construction of programs for sports betting houses, including real-time odds, sports feeds, live updates, event broadcasts and other features.

Tools for Compliance: development of mechanisms to ensure that iGaming activities are taking place in accordance with the regulations in force in a given region.

Payment methods: the integration of virtual and secure payment methods, allowing companies in the sector to carry out agile financial transactions and covering the greatest number of options possible.

Content offering: creation of casino-themed games, slots, roulette and other aspects for operators, as well as other types of content to feed the platforms.

Therefore, the B2B sector plays a central role in the infrastructure and operation of the global betting market, offering and creating new possibilities for companies to provide a quality, safe and constantly evolving experience to end users.

What is iGaming for bettors?

The iGaming industry has undergone constant technological transformations with the popularization of internet access and mobile devices. All of this allows players the convenience of trying their luck in the most varied games, from poker, bingo and live casino.

Therefore, what iGaming is for bettors can be portrayed in this convenience of betting with simple access to the network. Furthermore, there are some factors that help explain the visa outlook from the players’ perspective.


Most operators aim to attract and retain more customers by offering attractive benefits, such as welcome bonuses, free spins, special promotions and other exclusive actions.


The iGaming universe provides a series of interactive and real-time attractions for its fans with the aim of improving the experience in the respective game.

This dynamic can include realistic graphics, a soundtrack, statistics and information updated live and other elements that increase immersion and help with decision-making.

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Another essential point is security, since users need to create registrations by entering personal and banking data on the platforms.

Therefore, the bettor needs to trust the security and confidentiality methods adopted by the chosen company, as well as feel properly supported in a reliable environment.

Entertainment options

The player also finds a wide source of online entertainment in the iGaming segment, being able to have fun with classic games or new casino trends as well as with live betting on sports and eSports.

After all, the interested person can quickly and easily find hundreds of betting markets on the same platform.

Currently, the understanding of what iGaming is provides its older enthusiasts with practical and accessible gaming dynamics on practically any electronic device, giving them the chance to explore endless possibilities of activities 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Regulation of the iGaming market in Brazil

The year 2024 is set to be significant for all actors involved in the Brazilian iGaming industry due to the regulation of sports betting and online games.

The National Congress finalized the process of considering and voting on the proposal on December 21st, while President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva partially sanctioned Bill No. 3,626 of 2023 on December 30th, 2023.

The measure taxes companies and bettors and establishes rules for operating the service, in addition to determining the division of revenue. According to initial calculations by the Executive, taxation of the sector should pass on to the public coffers at least R$10 billion.