Exclusivo Alessandro Valente e Carlos Cardama dão detalhes da próxima edição do BiS SiGMA

Afiliados & Gambling Brasil promoted the iGaming community meeting in São Paulo. The event also welcomed the co-founders of BiS SiGMA Americas, the main meeting of the online betting market in Latin America.

Alessandro Valente and Carlos Cardama spoke about the fairs, the growth of the national industry and the long-awaited regulation. Furthermore, BiS had an exclusive stand at Gambling Brasil. “The event is wonderful with a very good and renewed audience”, said Valente.

Expansion of the betting market

BiS’s co-founders valued the expansion and consolidation of online betting in Brazil. “Anyone who doesn’t orient themselves to getting into the game can inevitably go bankrupt within months. The game is not for everyone. As in all branches, it is necessary to be studied and planned to make money and be successful”, stated Cardama.

“Now, there are many cities open to big companies. It’s not just playing; Brazilians need to learn and rely on a clear and safe law. All of this is very important. It is a wonderful moment for our beloved Brazil”, he added.

Alessandro Valente highlighted the need for the sector to evolve in order to keep up with the new legislation. “Whoever doesn’t have the value of the grant today, finances it. It has to be in the legal sector and in a serious way. I think the sector needs to evolve.”

BiS SiGMA Americas 2025

The event, held in April, was a success with the public and the date has already been confirmed for next year. For 2025, BiS SiGMA will have an even larger space to receive exhibitors and the public, increasing from 19 thousand m² to 30 thousand m², which represents an increase

“We have to hope for the best of everything. Today we are at a level to continue climbing the mountain. We want to hold a big fair on the 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th of April 2025. BiS SiGMA will be waiting for everyone with open arms”, concluded Cardama.