Procon-SP exige rigor na autorização de empresas de apostas

The Procon-SP Foundation requested the Prizes and Betting Secretariat of the Ministry of Finance (SPA/MF) to make it mandatory for the entity to verify the suitability of any request for authorization for the commercial operation of lottery betting in the country.

The objective is precisely to protect the consumer. In other words, for bookmakers to be able to carry out the assessment, they must consider compliance with the Consumer Protection Code, the General Data Protection Law and Law No. 14,790/23 (provides for lotteries).

Procon-SP concerned about the accelerated growth of bets

This concern came when the SPA published Ordinance No. 827 of May 21, 2024. Thus, the internal processes for granting authorization for commercial exploitation of the lottery modality of fixed-odd betting by private economic agents in Brazil.

Therefore, the ordinance establishes the rules and conditions for issuing the necessary licenses to operate in the national territory.

This expansion has had a major impact on consumer relations, especially in advertising carried out by betting providers.

Thus, for Luiz Orsatti Filho, executive director of Procon-SP, “measuring the suitability and technical qualifications of betting companies is essential so that consumers have more support from protection and defense bodies against abuse.”

Procon-SP continues to monitor consumer relations in the betting market, aiming to guide consumers about their rights and promote the practice of responsible gambling, in accordance with current legislation. Furthermore, the body seeks to harmonize and prevent conflicts.

Challenges and Expectations

With the Procon-SP requirement, it is expected that betting companies operating in Brazil will be rigorously evaluated regarding their conduct and commercial practices.

In this way, the initiative aims to guarantee a safer and more transparent environment for betting consumers. It is essential that companies comply with the standards established to protect consumer rights.

The Procon-SP requirement is an important step towards regulating the sports betting market in Brazil. Because, with stricter supervision, the market as a whole wins and online bookmakers can consolidate themselves in a more responsible and ethical way.

In any case, consumers are the ones who gain more than everyone else, bringing an extra layer of protection. This will further increase confidence in the services provided by betting companies in Brazil.