Foto: Reprodução/Instagram @corinthians

Bookmaker VaideBet, Corinthians‘ master sponsor, sent a notification to the club expressing its dissatisfaction with recent events related to the partnership. The company warned that it may terminate the contract if the situation persists.

VaideBet had already communicated its discomfort to the Corinthians board during a meeting that took place on May 8. The following day, the club issued an official note defending the legitimacy and integrity of the contract, in addition to requesting respect for the partnership.

However, last Monday (20), VaideBet again expressed its discontent, this time by email. In the statement, the bookmaker claims that its image has been damaged. In this way, he alerts the board that it will study ways to end the sponsorship if the situation does not improve.

The agreement between Corinthians and VaideBet, closed at the beginning of this year for R$370 million, lasts for three years.

According to the contract, in case of termination without just cause, the party wishing to cancel it must pay a fine equivalent to 10% of the total remaining value. It currently corresponds to around R$30 million.

Internal investigation at Corinthians and questions about the contract with VaideBet

The master sponsorship contract has been the target of several questions both inside and outside Corinthians. The agreement is currently being investigated by the club’s Deliberative Council.

Part of the opposition at the club seeks clarification on the payment of a commission worth R$25.2 million to the company Rede Social Media Design.

The company is owned by Alex Fernando André, known as Alex Cassundé, who was involved in Augusto Melo’s campaign for president of Corinthians.

Augusto Melo, president of Corinthians. Photo: Rodrigo Coca/Agência Corinthians

Rubens Gomes widely publicized information about this payment when he left his role as the club’s director of football earlier this month.

Last Monday, “Juca Kfouri’s Blog” reported that Rede Social Media Design transferred part of the amount received in commission to an apparently shell company, called Neoway Soluções Integradas em Serviços Ltda.

This company would be registered in the name of Edna Oliveira dos Santos, residing in Peruíbe, on the south coast of São Paulo, and who was possibly unaware of its own existence.

In response to these accusations, Corinthians issued an official note reaffirming its legal conduct in all negotiations, including sponsorships, with duly constituted companies.

The club emphasized its non-responsibility for transferring amounts to third parties and highlighted that, if there is evidence of irregularities, it will discuss the matter with the Deliberative Council to take the necessary measures.

VaideBet argues that all this negative press coverage ends up harming the objective of the sponsorship, which is to strengthen the credibility of its brand.