Apostas esportivas na Espanha
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Spain’s gambling regulatory body, DGOJ (Dirección General de Ordenación del Juego or General Directorate of Gambling Ordinance in Portuguese), has begun work on data management policies and practices to create a common centralized data registry of betting games.

The registry would compile customer data from all licensed gaming operators in Spain to provide a holistic view of activity.

Bets must be aimed at people over 25 years old

Thus, the general director of DGOJ, Mikel Arana, received information from the Sectoral Commission, the consultative body of the General Assembly for federal policies and guidelines.

Therefore, initial discussions are focusing on improving data integration between public administrations and data integration. Therefore, the goal is to form a comprehensive report on gaming activity.

Arana said: “The creation of a centralized data registry will increase the transparency and accountability of gambling operations in Spain. Furthermore, it will provide a robust framework to monitor and ensure compliance with the highest standards of responsible gambling.” .

Therefore, the General Assembly ordered the creation of a central registry more than a year ago through the Decree on Responsible Gaming Environments. This will allow DGOJ to monitor gambling licensees’ activities and customer engagement.

Operators will have to establish risk profiles for customers under 25. So, the next step will involve consultations with interested parties, including operators.

DGOJ intends to finalize an implementation plan by the end of the year. The idea is that the registration will come into force at the beginning of 2025. However, the other measures in the decree will only be known and applied next year.