Foto: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Last Friday (7), Senator Eduardo Girão filed an invitation for Lucas Paquetá to be heard as a witness at the CPI on the Manipulation of Games and Sports Betting.

The other senators still need to analyze and approve this request. The investigation aims to investigate allegations of match-fixing in football matches.

The president of the CPI, Jorge Kajuru, told journalists that he would summon Paquetá. “We will call everyone involved, including Paquetá, to clarify the facts.”

However, to date, he has not taken any formal action to implement the call.

Complaints of CPI manipulation and investigation

The English Football Association has denounced Lucas Paquetá for allegedly being involved in a manipulation scheme. The indictment claims he forced yellow cards during specific games.

According to the FA, the actions were part of a strategy to benefit sports betting, damaging the integrity of the sport.

Currently, Paquetá is in the United States with the Brazilian team, where he will play in the Copa América. Therefore, participation in the tournament complicates the possibility of immediate testimony at the CPI das Apostas.

Still, the commission considers it essential to hear the player, given the seriousness of the accusations. The CPI on Gambling and Sports Betting Manipulation aims to investigate illicit practices that compromise transparency and justice in sport.

Senator Eduardo Girão highlighted the importance of listening to all parties involved to get to the truth. “We need clean football, where the result is decided on the pitch and not off it.”

Approval for Lucas Paquetá’s participation in the CPI

However, the invitation to player Lucas Paquetá still awaits approval from the other CPI senators. If approved, Paquetá’s official summons as a witness will be essential to fully understand the alleged manipulation scheme and to identify everyone involved.

It is estimated that around 60 people bet that the West Ham player would be cautioned by the referee in one or more of these games. All bets would have been placed from Paquetá Island, in Rio de Janeiro, where the midfielder was born.

However, the player always claimed innocence. “I was advised by my lawyers not to comment on the case. I continue to do what I can and cooperate with the investigations, we will do our utmost to clarify everything,” said Paquetá.