Uma história de sorte e ironia no Bolão da Mega-Sena de R$ 115 milhões
Foto: Reprodução/Google Maps

Last Saturday (08), a Mega-Sena jackpot alone won more than R$115 million. So far, a very common story. But the numbers were chosen by the lottery manager who sold the game and did not participate in the lottery.

Imagine what the manager’s mind must have been like when she had been playing the same numbers for months and precisely during this draw she didn’t place the bet or participate in the pool.

Lottery has already had other Mega-Sena winners

Taize Cochinski Batista, manager of the Princesa dos Campos II lottery, in Ponta Grossa, Paraná, for 12 years, usually chooses numbers for the prizes. However, it does not always buy shares.

At the weekend, a pool stood out. He single-handedly matched the six numbers in contest 2734. Furthermore, as he bet on nine numbers, he also won the prize for the five-hit range.

“It wasn’t [I who won]. I just made the winning bet, that’s all. […] We get a feeling like this… ‘Wow, I could have bought it’, but we really don’t do you know [which bet will win]. And there is so much money, so many games that we play… […] but I was very happy for the winners who bought the pool.” – comments Taize.

The lottery has already had winners from the Mega-Sena, Lotofácil and other games, but this was the first time it saw the top prize go to the lottery where it has worked for more than a decade.

Luck did its work, attracting a sea of ​​bettors. They were already forming a queue at the lottery, eagerly awaiting its opening on Monday (10).

Details of the winning prize in Ponta Grossa

A pool from Ponta Grossa single-handedly matched the six dozen drawn in Mega-Sena competition 2734. But, in total, the bet took millions, due to the following prizes:

  • R$ 114,104,458.33, from the six hits;
  • R$ 890,408.80, from the five hits;
  • R$ 55,775.70, from the four hits.

In other words, there were 10 odds from different bettors; each paid R$60 in the game and won more than R$11.5 million. The contest was held on Saturday (8) and drew the following numbers: 21 – 27 – 35 – 48 – 59 – 60.

Thus, Mega-Sena contest 2734 also drew bets that matched four and five numbers. See below:

  • 5 hits – 137 winning bets. Prize of R$49,467.16 for each.
  • 4 hits – 7,811 winning bets. Prize of R$ 1,239.46 for each one.

But in Paraná, five bets matched five numbers (the same pool that won the maximum prize). See details:

  • Apucarana: simple bet made online on six numbers won R$49,467.16;
  • Borrazópolis: simple bet made at the Zebra da Sorte lottery on six numbers won R$ 49,467.16;
  • Curitiba: jackpot with five shares made at Espaço da Sorte in six numbers won R$49,467.15;
  • Foz do Iguaçu: five-odd lottery made at the Iguaçu lottery in 12 numbers earned R$ 346,270.10;
  • Ponta Grossa: lottery with ten shares made at the Princesa dos Campos II lottery in nine numbers made R$ 890,408.80.

The next Mega draw will be this Tuesday (11), with an estimated prize of R$35 million.