Dinheiro de loterias vai financiar projetos sociais
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The City of Campinas is committed to creating its own lottery, called Locamp (Lotteries of the Municipality of Campinas).

The municipal administration sent the bill to the City Council, which is now awaiting approval to come into force.

Projects already exist in several other citie

Thus, the objective is to raise funds for programs of the Social Assistance, Culture and Sports departments.

The initiative is supported by a decision by the Federal Supreme Court (STF) that authorizes municipalities and states to operate lottery games.

Thus, the Secretary of Justice of Campinas, Peter Panutto, clarified that federal legislation allows this municipal autonomy.

Several Brazilian cities have already embarked on this project, creating their own lotteries. Between them:

  • Atibaia (SP)
  • Foz do Iguaçu (PR)
  • Guarulhos
  • Jundiaí (SP)
  • Porto Alegre (RS)
  • Teresina (PI)

This movement demonstrates the acceptance and viability of this model in different regions of the country.

At the local level, councilor Jair da Farmácia presented, in August 2023, a similar bill at the City Council.

Thus, the proposal suggests that the exploration of municipal lotteries be carried out in collaboration with the State and Federal Executive powers.

Thus, the modalities would include numbered tickets, lottery of numerical and sports predictions, in addition to the instant lottery, known as “scratch card“.

Lottery money will finance social projects

The councilor proposes that the setting of betting values ​​and the management of municipal lotteries be the responsibility of operating agents, respecting the principles of legality and transparency.

Regarding the distribution of the resources raised, the proposal stipulates allocation to crucial areas, such as:

  • Social assistance
  • Human rights
  • Sport
  • Culture
  • Health

The percentage allocated to the Union for similar purposes is not yet known, but it is clear that municipal lotteries will contribute to this purpose.

Project evaluation

Meanwhile, the Campinas City Council is in recess. The last ordinary meeting took place on December 15 last year.

Therefore, work should resume on Monday, February 5th.