Faz apostas Veja como declarar ganhos no Imposto de Renda
Foto: Marcello Casal Jr / Agência Brasil

With the growing interest in betting and lottery games, such as Lotofácil and Mega-Sena, there is a need to understand how to declare the winnings obtained in Income Tax to avoid complications with the Federal Revenue.

=In 2023, the Government introduced the Sports Betting Law, imposing a 30% rate on prizes exceeding R$2,112.

“It is worth highlighting that IR is withheld at source, in the same way as with lottery prizes. Therefore, the amount passed on in sports betting will already have taxes deducted in accordance with current tax laws”, explained Cristiano Maschio, specialist in financial services and CEO of fintech Qesh.

How to declare betting winnings?

In accordance with current regulations, earnings from online betting must be reported in the “Income Subject to Exclusive/Definitive Taxation” tab, option “12 – Others”.

Next, you must inform the name and CNPJ of the bookmaker, as well as the description and the amount received. In the case of foreign websites, taxpayers must use Carnê-Leão Web to make the monthly tax payment.

“The process is similar for winnings from federal lotteries. The difference consists of the information from the paying source, which must be Caixa, responsible for operating the lotteries”, explained Maschio.

In case of doubts or difficulties when filing a declaration, the specialist advised seeking guidance from an accountant or professional specialized in tax matters: “This way, it is possible to guarantee compliance with tax obligations and avoid possible penalties from the Federal Revenue”, it says.

Finally, Maschio highlighted that the correct declaration of earnings from online betting is the taxpayer’s responsibility and contributes to the transparency and legality of this constantly growing market. This year, the expectation is that 43 million declarations will be delivered by May 31, the deadline for submission.

Betting regulations in Brazil

In December 2023, Law 14790 was approved, which regulates sports betting and online games. The approval of the standard represents that there is progress in the segment that benefits from the decriminalization of the sector.

The amount stipulated as a grant is R$30 million reais. Regulation influences the increase in tax collection. It is pre-determined that 15% will be paid on the value of the prize.

Darwin Henrique da Silva Filho, CEO of Esportes da Sorte, considers the declaration of income tax gains an advance.

“Regulation has long been necessary so that the betting gaming segment can work within the framework of the Law. This even represents a guarantee regarding the rights and duties of players.

The declaration of the gains arising from the awards contributes to a collection that will be distributed among important sectors such as health, security, education and sport”, he concluded.