Caixa Econômica took a step forward in modernizing its lottery services. The bank is launching a lottery pool sales platform through its portal and application.

This innovation allows customers to purchase shares of the lottery, a practice previously restricted to physical lottery outlets, now accessible digitally.

The pools initially offered include the popular Mega-Sena, Lotofácil, Quina and Dupla Sena modalities. Furthermore, Caixa plans to expand the service to include other options soon.

When choosing to participate, each bettor receives an individual receipt for their share, maintaining the transparency and security already known in bets made in person.

When accessing the portal or the Loterias Caixa app, players can access the available quotas from the lottery outlets closest to their registered geographic location.

Alternatively, they can choose a specific lottery of their choice to purchase shares in a lottery organized by it.

How to buy shares in the Caixa Lotteries online pool

The purchase of Bolão shares can be made both through the portal and through the application, offering convenience to players, who can make payment via credit card or PIX. Currently, the minimum value to participate is R$20.

To play, you must be over 18 years old and complete a simple registration via the portal or the Loterias Caixa app. It is important to note that there is a service fee of 35% of the quota value. While bet values ​​are available for consultation at lotteries or on the website.

In addition, bettors can take advantage of the facility offered to purchase shares of Bolões da Quina de São João, sales of which have already started.

With an estimated prize pool of R$220 million, Quina’s special competition, which does not accumulate, will take place on June 22nd.