mega sena da virada
Prêmios esquecidos das loterias supera valor da Mega da Virada.

It may seem like a lie, but, since 2019, more than R$2 billion in federal lottery prizes have been forgotten by the winners themselves.

The unredeemed prizes are equivalent to almost four times the amount paid in the 2023 Mega da Virada, which reached R$588.8 million.

See the list of forgotten awards since 2019

Caixa Econômica Federal makes transfers when the deadline for withdrawal comes to an end.

All this forgotten value in lottery prizes is now part of the Student Financing Fund (Fies), managed by the Ministry of Education.

Thus, Caixa revealed that, considering until November, approximately R$434.3 million was simply left behind by the winners of the draws.

See the list of values ​​lost in recent years:

  • 2019: R$331 million
  • 2020: R$314 million
  • 2021: R$586 million
  • 2022: R$409 million
  • 2023: R$434 million

Therefore, to redeem the prize, winners must present the winning ticket or proof of bet, as well as a photo ID and CPF.

However, it is essential to act quickly, as prizes can be redeemed within a maximum period of 90 days after the draw.

Mega da Virada 2023 records record prize for federal lotteries

Mega da Virada reached the record prize pool in the history of federal lotteries in Brazil. The draw, which took place on December 31, 2023, included 5 bets.

Therefore, the numbers drawn were 21, 24, 33, 41, 48 and 56.

The prize was R$588,891.021, the largest in the history of the competition promoted by Caixa Econômica Federal.

Therefore, each of the winners must pocket around R$117,778,204.25.

Bets were placed in Salvador (BA), Bom Despacho (MG), Redenção (PA) and Ipira (SC). But there was also a bet – made online – in the city of Ferraz de Vasconcelos, in São Paulo.