Foto: Divulgação / CONMEBOL

CONMEBOL, the entity that organizes South American football, has made efforts to combat corruption and money laundering in sport.

As part of these efforts, Graciela Garay, director of Ethics and Compliance at CONMEBOL, recently participated in the 56th Meeting of the Group of Experts for the Control of Money Laundering of the Organization of American States (OAS).

During the meeting, Garay discussed the various measures that CONMEBOL has implemented to promote integrity in continental football.

This includes implementing a Compliance and Integrity program. The initiative aims to ensure that all activities of the South American entity are in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Gastón H. Schulmeister, director of the OAS Department against Transnational Organized Crime, praised CONMEBOL for implementing the program.

“I congratulate CONMEBOL and the entire team led by its president Alejandro Domínguez for the exemplary work carried out to implement the Compliance and Integrity program.

We will continue to work together to strengthen alliances in favor of football and transparency and institutions in the Americas.”

Meeting between the president of CONMEBOL and the Attorney General of Paraguay

On May 16, the president of CONMEBOL, Alejandro Domínguez, had a meeting with Emiliano Rolón Fernández, Attorney General of the State of Paraguay.

This meeting continued the criminal complaint made on February 4, 2021, which suspected money laundering activities. Suspicions involving the former president of CONMEBOL, Nicolás Leoz, and Banco Atlas SA.

Thus, the meeting between Domínguez and Rolón Fernández took place a few weeks after the South American Football Confederation presented a request to the Public Ministry to process the criminal case.

Finally, the process had been halted after the first investigative actions, which included Banco Atlas SA and the Banking Superintendency of the Central Bank of Paraguay.