foto: Fernanda Reis / América

On Wednesday (10), América announced the termination of the contract with striker Dadá Belmonte, implicated in a results manipulation scheme.

With a contract until the end of 2025, Dadá had his contract suspended in Brazil for 720 days following a decision by the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD).

América-MG loaned Dadá to FC Chornomorets, from Ukraine, in August, where he registered ten games, one goal and one assist. However, Dadá did not stand out at Coelho.

The player arrived in December 2022 and scored just one goal on his debut. He only participated in two games as a starter in nine matches with the American shirt.

Operation Maximum Penalty: understand the match-fixing scheme in football

The Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO) investigates fraud in football games with Operation Maximum Penalty.

The third phase began on November 28, 2023, and resulted in 10 search and seizure warrants in several cities across the country.

The investigation investigates illicit conduct that constitutes a criminal organization to defraud the results of football matches, crimes provided for in Law No. 12,850/13 and in arts. 198 and 199 of the General Sports Law.

The criminal group is suspected of offering money to players to carry out specific interventions. While the actions were usually cards, penalties or partial scores, aiming to make a profit on sports betting websites.

How the scheme works and strategies used

According to the MPGO, the criminal group enticed players with offers between R$50,000 and R$100,000 to carry out specific actions in games. The scheme was divided into four groups: bettors, financiers, intermediaries and administrative.

Therefore, Operation Maximum Penalty, which began in 2022, was highlighted when midfielder Romário, from Vila Nova-GO, accepted an offer to commit a penalty.

The MP-GO conducted investigations in several phases, denouncing only bettors and enticed players, treating clubs and betting companies as victims of the scheme, with no provision for punishment.