City Council of Ribeirão Preto may approve creation of municipal lottery
Photo: Agência Brasil

Bill 155/2022, which is being discussed at the Ribeirão Preto City Council, aims to launch a municipal lottery service. The text is based on federal law 13756/2018.

According to the proposal, the lottery would be operated by the Executive Power, through the Treasury Department. The amounts collected would be used for municipal security, project financing, actions and contributions in the human rights, sports, culture, health, public security and social assistance sectors.

In the project’s arguments, the author, councilor Paulo Modas (União) states that the initiative is intended to help the growth of the city’s economy after the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.


In order to be voted on, the proposal needs to receive a positive opinion from the Constitution, Justice and Writing Commission (CCJ). Since October 19, 2022, the proposal awaits the issuance of the opinion.

This year, the CCJ will be chaired by Renato Zucoloto (PP), with Maurício Vila Abranches (PSDB), as deputy, and Sérgio Zerbinato (PSB), André Trindade (União) and Brando Veiga (REP) as members.

State lottery

In November last year, the Court of Auditors of the State of São Paulo (TCE-SP) suspended, again, the international bidding process for granting the state lottery. The state needs to justify aspects that were questioned by one of the players competing in the competition.

Loteria Paulista’s proposal seeks to raise 14 billion reais per year with the lottery over two decades. In total, 11 groups submitted proposals for modeling the state lottery.

Lotteries hit record in bets in 2022

In 2022, lotteries received around BRL 23.2 billion from Brazilian players. The amount is 25.6% higher than in 2021, when BRL 18.5 billion were bet, an amount that was already a record, according to reports from the institution.

R$ 8 billion in prizes paid by lotteries were added, 23.4% more than in 2021 – which distributes around R$ 6.5 billion. The main target of bettors continues to be the Mega-Sena, who bet R$10.9 billion on the modality, corresponding to 47% of the total collected.

Lotofácil is in second place, having registered a total of R$ 6.6 billion and a participation of 28.3%. In third is Quina, which raised R$ 3 billion and had a 13.1% share.