The Lotofácil da Independência draw will be held this Saturday (11) and will be held at Loterias Caixa, in the North Zone of São Paulo, at 20h.

If the estimated value of the prize is confirmed, it will be the second highest prize paid by Lotteries Caixa in 2021, after Quina de São João, which paid 204.8 million reais in June. The jackpot is divided into 8 bets, each with a bonus of 25.6 million reais.

This year’s Double Seine Easter prize was approximately 31.5 million reais, which is divided equally between the four winning bets. Each of them received more than 7.8 million reais.

Lotofácil: prize of R$ 150 million is drawn by Caixa this Saturday

Lotofácil and the big prizes of the Caixa Lotteries

The most famous special draw of the Caixa Lotteries is the Mega-Sena da Virada. Last year, the prize was 325.2 million reais. The jackpot was split into two winning bets, each receiving 162.6 million reais.

Like other special draws, Lotofácil da Independência prizes do not accumulate. In other words, if no one guesses 15 tens, the value will be assigned to whoever gets 14 digits right, and so on.

To get an idea of ​​the size of the prize, whoever guarantees this Lotofácil da Independência will be able to form a fleet of 3 thousand brand new popular cars, with a value of R$ 50 thousand each. If all these vehicles were lined up, they would occupy about 11 kilometers.

Winners can withdraw their prize within a maximum of 90 days. If the winner does not present himself, the money will be transferred to the national treasury and applied to the Fies (Higher Education Student Fund).

Bets can be placed in person, at a lottery store, or online, through the Loterias Online Caixa website or the Loterias Caixa application, which can be downloaded free of charge for the Android and iOS platforms.