Exclusivo: Alessandro Valente faz balanço da ICE, Brazilian Lounge e da nova fase do mercado brasileiro

The iGaming specialist in Latin America and co-founder of Super Afiliados, Alessandro Valente, took stock of the 2024 edition of ICE London, as well as projecting the next steps in the long-awaited regulation of the Brazilian gambling market.

An initiative created at ICE last year, the Brazilian Lounge has become an official meeting point for Brazilians and those interested in Brazil. “It was fantastic. It’s a stand that we bought and split the bill between some partners. This way, we can make this a reality.”

Furthermore, Valente spoke about expectations for this year’s BiS SiGMA Américas. “Unfortunately we didn’t have any more space at the event. In 2025, we will have extra pavilions. Therefore, exhibitor tickets are sold out.”

Brazil is the hot topic, it is the focus of the industry as it is one of the largest and most promising markets today. This boom in Brazil is very good for Super Afiliados, BiS, everyone involved.”

New phase of the Brazilian market

Alessandro Valente also made a point of commenting on the new phase of the Brazilian market following regulation. “Things are going well for Brazil, but we need the government to help make this growth feasible and viable. We hope they have the discernment to do a good job.”

“The government needs to do its job and contribute, because the industry itself will grow, it is inevitable. But, they can help us grow more solidly”, he added.

Regarding the future, Valente believes that the legalization of physical games will be on the agenda. “We have already overcome the digital barrier, I think the next step is to look at the physical. This is very valid for generating direct and indirect employment.”

“The industry is huge and can get bigger and bigger, if we contribute and if our governments look at it favorably”, he concluded.