Apostas Esportivas

The release of the list of the first companies authorized to explore sports betting in Brazil is scheduled for July this year.

But José Francisco Manssur, now a former advisor to the Ministry of Finance responsible for regulating the sector, had announced that date.

Thus, companies in the betting industry will be able to request registration with the government between March and July.

A second opportunity will be available between October and December 2024.

The regulation of sports betting and responsible gaming

The company Legitimuz will be part of the gaming legalization process. Specializing in identity verification and facial recognition, the company will work with the government.

Legitimuz offers identity verification services, which will be mandatory for betting companies during the operation of games.

The objective of the former advisor and also of the government, in relation to the regulation of sports betting, was to raise awareness in society about responsible gambling. It’s giving the idea that the person won’t get rich from this and that it’s just fun.

Therefore, limits must also be placed on advertising, but always conveying the idea of ​​responsible gaming.

Basically it’s the same principle as every alcoholic beverage advertisement has the slogan: “Drink in Moderation” as well as “Game Responsibly”.

Manssur’s departure has not yet been very well explained, but what is speculated is that the departure occurred amid pressure from Centrão parliamentarians who aim to take over the sports betting portfolio in the government.

The Minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad, declared: “Manssur was here to format the bets project, which was a very well-run process by him. It has nothing to do with pressure from parliamentarians.”

Marcos Pinto, Secretary of Economic Reforms at the Department, will be responsible for choosing who will continue with the project to tax sports betting and online games.

Meanwhile, actions to combat the manipulation of results and protect the integrity of sport will be the responsibility of the Ministry of Sports.

Finally, all this movement is important for the government because of revenue. The regulation of sports betting, scheduled for 2024, should generate approximately between 3 and 6 billion reais.