Foto: Richard Chasko

The recent Tender Notice for Accreditation in the Instant Lottery Modality aroused the interest of three companies in exploring this activity in Paraná. For Lottopar, the reception was positive, as the participation of multiple competitors promotes a healthy competitive environment.

Now, with the proposals in hand, the process moves to the crucial stage of document analysis.

Thus, the companies that showed initial interest in this stage are:

  • Prohards Commerce, Development and Information Technology Services Ltd.,
  • ST Soft Computer Program Development Ltd.,
  • Salsa Technology Ltda.

This initial interest signals a significant potential in the market for exploring the instant lottery modality.

B3, a stock exchange based in São Paulo, plays a fundamental role in this process. Offering support to the Lottopar Special Accreditation Committee during document analyses.

Once all the requirements of the notice have been met by the competing companies, the next step will be the signing of the contract and the service order. This stage will take place at B3’s headquarters, scheduled for the end of March this year.

Lottopar’s CEO, Daniel Romanowski, said: “We are making significant progress towards introducing a new lottery modality in Paraná.

Now, with the support of the Special Accreditation Committee and B3, we are thoroughly analyzing the documentation of participating companies, as stipulated in Notice No. 03/2023 – Instant Lottery Modality.”

Legal framework and procedures conducted by Lottopar

This bidding process, conducted by Lottopar, complies with current legislation. It is based on a series of federal and state laws and decrees, including Federal Law No. 8,987 of 1995, Federal Law No. 13,756 of 2018, Federal Law No. 14,133 of 2021, State Law No. 20,945 of 2021, State Decree No. 10,086 of 2022 and State Decree No. 10,843 of 2022.

Furthermore, the favorable decision of the Federal Supreme Court (STF), in the context of ADI 4,986 and ADPFS 492 and 493, reinforces the legality of this initiative, allowing states to explore lottery modalities.

All information regarding Notice No. 03/2023 – Instant Lottery Modality is available for consultation on the official Lottopar website.