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At the beginning of each year, every webmaster has a question: which GEOs to work with and which markets will be relevant during the year. You can find answers to all these questions in this 1win Partners article. Let’s talk about the top GEOs, why you should work with them, and how to do so to make the most profit.

Which GEOs are worth paying attention to and why


A country with a population of 1.4 billion people, 1 billion of which is the solvent population. As a rule, the country is classified as level 3, but the large number of players and cheap traffic allow you to earn good money and make GEO an ideal choice for beginners.

Traffic sources.

Traditionally in India, the main sources are: targeted advertising, PPC, SEO and in-app. Among the services, the most popular are: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, XHamster and X (formerly Twitter).

Also pay attention to TikTok. Although it is officially banned in India, residents still use this service thanks to VPN. TikTok analogues (Josh, DAO, Raposo) are also popular. On average, Indians spend 140 minutes a day watching short videos.

Which creatives to use

For creatives, the “invest a little, earn a lot” message works best, and it is advisable to use images of people of Indian appearance, as people trust “yours” more. People in India are very fond of bonuses, so don’t forget to mention them, but it is important that they are available to everyone.

Various chips, secrets and lifehacks in betting or games are also good. In other words, scam traffic is flourishing in the country and if you know how to work with it, make sure you use your knowledge.

Creatives MUST NOT use religious items, Bollywood stars and national symbols in an offensive way.

1win Partners in India.

Our affiliate program has high stakes for India and webmasters working with this GEO have excellent conversion rates. Furthermore, the 1win brand is highly recognized and trusted by local people, which makes it very easy to work with.


Our country does not have as much population as India, but the greater capacity and enthusiasm of the inhabitants do their job. And, therefore, among webmasters, Brazil has gained TOP GEO status in recent years, not in words, but in actions.

Traffic Sources

The main traffic comes from mobile devices, so In-App is rightly the most popular traffic source. Additionally, SEO and targeted advertising are also good.

The preferred services are Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, TikTok and Snapchat. If you work with news traffic or event marketing, then globo.com.

In addition to all this, UBT shows itself well, therefore it makes sense to learn how to work with it and then get into advertising offices. This helps you save a significant part of your budget.

What types of creative professionals use

All Brazilians have very strong patriotic feelings, which means you can insert national symbols into your creatives. Event marketing also shows itself well, insert references to holidays and other important events (Carnival, Easter, Rock in Rio, signs of high-profile football matches, etc.).

In creative pieces, address them as “you.” This adds personalization, which increases trust. Also, I don’t need to tell you how Brazilians love gifts, so mention bonuses and freespins, but emphasize the excitement, fun or success stories rather than the opportunity to win. For example, a video or news about someone who won an award.

1win Partnes in Brazil

In addition to the great conversions and high fees, it is worth noting that 1win Partners is very active in the country. In the fall, there was a presentation from the local CPA team of affiliate managers [watch here], the company organizes several events, which helps to increase brand awareness and trust.

Western Africa

In fact, this is not a GEO, but a whole group of countries, including Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Senegal and others. Webmasters and advertisers started working with this region relatively recently, but the market potential is already visible. The low cost of traffic and the lack of competition in the market allow even beginners to make good money.

Main characteristics of the population

Africa has a fairly large population. If we talk about the continent as a whole, the number would be around 1.5 billion people. However, it makes no sense to dump traffic in pursuit of quantity, because the rich population lives in large cities. Each country has its own national currency, but in many countries the dollar is also in circulation.

The most popular religions are Islam and Christianity, but Africa also leads in the number of smaller religions. As for language, the continent has already been greatly influenced by colonizers, which is why French is predominant in the northern part of the continent and Arabic in the western and central parts. However, almost every country has its own dialect, and in large cities the population learns English.

Traffic Sources

Most of your traffic will come from mobile devices, so the best sources of traffic are targeted advertising and in-app. Among the services, we must choose the well-known Facebook, Tik Tok and Google. You can also look on local bulletin boards and adult websites.

Which creatives to use

Approaches to creative professionals can be simpler than in tier 1 and 2 countries. Lifehacks “how to win at casinos” and success stories prove themselves very well.

Due to the poverty of the population, several bonuses worked well, but don’t count on a high LTV of players, as people deposit, win the bonuses and then register a new account or change products to get something free again.

1win Partners in West Africa

1win Partners was one of the first direct advertisers to accept traffic from African countries. Therefore, due to the so far empty market, many countries are represented exclusively with us, and our brand is well known.


As you can see, there are many GEOs that will bring high ROI and stable growth in 2024. In this article, we only cover the main ones, whose potential and growth are already visible now. And then there are Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Eastern Europe, etc. But remember that knowledge of GEO is important, but it is not the main parameter for choosing where to direct your traffic from.

Write to your 1win Partners manager and he will tell you which GEO you should work with, taking into account your traffic source, experience and statistics, as well as offer you the best terms of cooperation. And now, it’s time to subscribe to our social networks so you don’t miss out on more interesting information about the world of affiliate marketing.