1win recently told you how to set up a Facebook account to start launching successful advertising, with high returns. In this article, we will continue and tell you what can be directly advertised on Facebook, how to prepare a landing page and much more.

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Preparing Creatives

As explained in the previous article, it is important to know and remember that Facebook has “unacceptable business models” to minimize roadblocks in the launch phase. Now we’re going to tell you how to create creatives to reach a larger audience and be successful.

As an advertising creative you can use:

  • Image + text: The most common format. With the help of an image, it is possible to convey the essence of the service to the user more quickly than through a text screen. Also, don’t forget that iGaming is a “dark niche”, which is often promoted on Facebook using tips that a person understands, but the bot moderator cannot understand. It is much easier to do this with the help of images.
  • Video + text: Videos are more informative and attract more user attention due to their dynamics. Additionally, video ads on Facebook play automatically. But creating a high-quality video is more difficult than an image.
  • GIF + text: This Facebook content is only possible in the Facebook feed, and it will not be possible to publish it on Instagram and Messenger. On average, a GIF is in the middle between an image and a video in terms of engagement.

On the other hand, it’s important to know that you don’t need to use images and creatives from multiple services and open sources. There’s a high probability that Facebook has already rejected an ad campaign with this creative or will reject it soon. And therefore, your ad will be blocked immediately after launch.

It’s best to make your creatives based on what you’ve seen, and you can use Canva and popular photo stocks as sources for videos and images. Many of the images in them have already been adapted for Facebook and its neural network treats them as allowed.

You cannot drive Facebook traffic directly to affiliate links as well as ready-made landing pages of affiliate programs. Such advertising campaigns are banned immediately, and often along with the account. Therefore, you need to have your own landing page, and preferably not just one.

There are two ways to get landing pages: create from scratch or copy a ready-made one. The second option is chosen much more often because it is fast, which means you can put several landing pages to the test at once, and the conversion rate of ready-made landing pages is usually higher than those created from scratch , as they are already optimized.

It is better to search for landing pages through AI. Find creatives that have been running for at least a week, and ideally for more than a month. This is a direct indicator that the landing page is performing well.

Use at least 5 landing pages to put to the test, this will allow you to find the one with the highest conversion rate. By the way, if you don’t have a budget or a desire to spend on a good AI service, you can search for creatives and landing pages directly in the Facebook Library.

An important point. If, when searching for a landing page, you feel like you are arriving at the wrong page you should be going to, use a proxy. Just enter the GEO the ad was designed for. Some webmasters place a cloud filter on their landing pages so that competitors cannot find them.

Once you have a landing page, you need to choose a domain and hosting. It is better to choose a paid and positioned hosting for affiliate marketing. These are usually advertised in affiliate programs, conferences and specialized media. We choose the domain that Facebook considers trustworthy.

We will miss the cloud filter configuration, as the vast majority of webmasters direct traffic to applications, and it is not necessary for this method. Therefore, we will immediately proceed to launch the advertising campaign.

Ad launch and optimization

After preparing everything and everyone, time finally arrives — the launch of the advertising campaign. To do this, simply go to AdsManager or Business Suite, find the appropriate section and create your own ad.

  • We set the goal of promoting the application.
  • Setting up an ad group: Here we set up the target audience interests, daily budget and pixel.
  • Ad creation: The final stage where an ad group is created, with targeting parameters assigned to it. Created creatives are also uploaded here and a link to the app is attached.

After that, the ad is sent for moderation and you will find out the result in Facebook notifications.

You can’t just increase the daily budget for an ad campaign. She has an almost 100% chance of being banned. There are two ways to scale and optimize an ad campaign:

  • Set automatic budget increase in algorithms if conversion rate is above a certain value
  • Periodically add ads to the same group as well as create new ones to get more traffic

The second method also refers to the optimization of advertising campaigns. The more creatives you have, the more they will show a good conversion rate. But beyond that, optimization comes at the expense of machine learning. Facebook’s algorithms track pixel metrics and show ads to the people most likely to install the app.


Facebook is the “king of the hill” that doesn’t lose control. Yes, its AI-based algorithms take into account many variables, some obvious, while others can only be guessed. But now it is one of the best in the world (only Google can compete with it) and every year it shows an increasing conversion rate.

This also implies the fact that the work actions of one webmaster may not bring the appropriate result for another. So it won’t work mindlessly with Facebook. But if you find the right approach, the results will pleasantly surprise you. Furthermore, with the advent of new traffic sources, many referees shifted their focus to them and competition on Facebook fell.

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