The Court of Justice of Paraná granted Lottopar‘s request to resume the Notice for accreditation of the Instant Lottery modality. The request had been suspended following a decision by the Court of Auditors of the State of Paraná (TCE).

Lottopar had already published the accreditation notice for the new modality, instant lottery, popularly known as “scratch card“. However, it needed to prepare the regulatory and legal framework.

Previously, the federal authority had held a public hearing in February 2023. All of this to receive suggestions from people and companies, in order to establish the format of Paraná’s lotteries.

In July of the same year, another public hearing was held seeking subsidies to improve lottery operations and betting in the State.

The opinions received supported the technical studies, notices and Terms of Reference already published to initiate fixed-odds betting and other modalities.

Lottopar accreditation process

The determination of the Court of Justice of the State of Paraná considered the stages of the Notice to be regular. Even so, it stipulated that the deadlines defined therein should continue from the moment of suspension.

Therefore, as there were five hours left to complete the Notice when it was suspended, this period is in effect with the reopening.

Consequently, lottery operators interested in participating in accreditation only have this Friday, the 16th, from 12pm to 6pm, to apply for the modality.

The accreditation process will follow the provisions of the Notice, its annexes, and the corresponding federal and state legislation.

Therefore, the aim is to hire qualified legal entities to grant the operation of the instant lottery modality, both in physical and virtual environments.

The process includes a series of laws and decrees: