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More than a month has passed since the beginning of 2024, which means we can talk more specifically about the development vectors of the iGaming market. Will 2023 trends continue? What technologies will replace the old ones? What news awaits players and online casino partners? The answers to these and many other questions can be found in a new article from 1win Partners.

General information about the iGaming market

In 2023, the iGaming market became more interesting to authorities in some countries, who want to capitalize on the new sphere at the expense of taxes. Brazil can safely be recognized as a trendsetter on this issue.

Here, thanks to new bills, the money received from the iGaming sector began to play a fundamental role in supporting public projects. And, it seems that in 2024 more and more countries will follow a similar path of regulation and cooperation with gambling platforms.

Furthermore, it is already evident that iGaming, prioritizing the needs of players, focuses on technological innovation. Therefore, the industry will actively develop and implement technologies designed to combat cyber threats and user data leaks.

Last year, artificial intelligence (AI) went from “what is this?” to “AI does almost everything.” Now there are almost no people or companies left that have not used Chat GPT or Midjourney at least once.

In iGaming, AI can help not only in marketing but also in improving user experience.

Neural networks can be used everywhere, from monitoring user actions to increasing the security of profiles and personal data.

Furthermore, artificial intelligence will be able to create more personalized iGaming products, thus allowing users to meet different needs.

Useful AI Features in iGaming:

  • Collection of statistics and data analysis in real time;
  • Segmentation of users by area of ​​interest;
  • Personalized iGaming recommendations;
  • Helps in detecting fraud;
  • Detection of a decrease in user activity before leaving the platform;
  • Selection of personalized bonuses and promotions to attract or retain players;
  • Assistance in game creation and design.

AI-based tools

Chatbots and virtual assistants are gradually becoming a familiar and integral part of life. These technologies are currently being implemented everywhere, from online stores to Telegram channels.

The advantages of these high-tech assistants can be listed for a long time, but in short: they are always in touch, which is convenient for users, and they take on a lot of load, which is useful for companies.

Furthermore, we should not forget about the various AI-based services. Neural networks are used not only for creating banners and copywriting, but also for SEO optimization, where they help analyze titles, form a semantic core, select keywords, etc.

Blockchain Technologies

Analysts predict that the use of blockchain technology in the gaming market will expand at an average annual rate of 68.3% between 2024 and 2030. Most often, we are talking about the use of cryptocurrencies for various transactions.

For example, withdrawing funds or recharging a profile. But in addition, blockchain will be implemented for personal data protection and payment security.


The fact that gambling and betting use mechanisms and tools from various spheres is nothing new. The gambling sector is no exception.

More and more companies are implementing process gamification, which helps keep users more interested and retain them for longer.

Now, more and more often, this manifests itself in the mechanics of obtaining rewards for certain achievements on the platform.

Furthermore, more and more traffic is coming from cell phones and this fact does not go unnoticed.

All games and products are being carefully adapted to smartphones, and new mechanics, such as match three, are being introduced into games that are popular on mobile phones.


As you can see, 2024 will be a rich year for the iGaming sphere in various technological and social advancements. This is possible thanks to the legalization of online casinos in several countries and the development of new technologies, which, together with gamification, attract more and more new players.

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