PayBrokers, the Brazilian leader in secure payment solutions for the sports betting and iGaming market, was present at the 1st Mercosul iGaming Summit (MIS).

This event, held in Porto Alegre, focused on the expansion of the electronic games market in Brazil, addressing aspects such as technologies, regulation and payment methods.

Then, MIS brought together several authorities, executives from companies in the segment and lawyers, creating an environment conducive to enriching discussions.

PayBrokers participation and insights

Ricardo Feijó, Legal Director at PayBrokers, represented the company at the event. He participated in the Payment Methods panel, where he shared valuable insights.

“MIS was a prominent event, attended by key companies and people from the market. There were several discussions showing the importance of regulation and the various challenges that the sector will face in the future”, he said.

“Paybrokers has shown the relevance of always being ahead of regulations, adopting best practices, working together with operators to create a safe environment for users”, said Ricardo Feijó.

Responsible gaming promotion by PayBrokers

Furthermore, PayBrokers has as one of its core values ​​the promotion of responsible gaming.

The company guides players with clear information and encourages informed decisions, aiming to prevent addiction and excessive financial losses.

These principles are well represented in the book “Complete Guide to Responsible Gaming”, authored by Ricardo Feijó.

The work, an initiative by PayBrokers, is available for free download, contributing significantly to the debate on the topic.

iGaming market growth and projections

During MIS, the remarkable growth of the iGaming sector was highlighted. According to the organizers, the market grew 10.4% from 2021 to 2022, jumping from US$73 billion to US$81 billion.

A study by the IMARC Group consultancy projects that, by 2028, the sector’s global revenue will reach an impressive US$133.9 billion.

About PayBrokers

Currently, PayBrokers offers payment facilitation services between international companies and their Brazilian users.

Focusing on security, transparency and responsible gaming, the company adheres to the rules and regulations established by the Central Bank and Brazilian legislation, as well as replicating standards indicated by international entities in the sector.

Through differentiated technological solutions, PayBrokers provides a reliable and secure experience for its users.