Betcris competes as 'Sponsor of the Year' at the first Brazilian iGaming Awards

In Brazil, the iGaming and sports betting industries have been expanding and structuring their market in recent years. In December, the first Brazilian iGaming Awards will reward the work of professionals and companies in Brazil.

Betcris, one of the leading sports betting and iGaming operators in Latin America, is one of four nominees in the ‘Sponsor of the Year’ category. This is yet another reflection of the company’s ongoing efforts to support the communities it serves.

The ceremony will be held at the Sky Hall Terrace Bar, in São Paulo, during the first day of the Brazilian iGaming Summit, on December 1st. The event will recognize the main achievements of the brands throughout this year.

The brand offers many innovative deals that showcase your company’s versatility, as well as opportunities for growth and high returns. The award is given to a brand that stands out in Brazil in business development and opens doors to the international market.

The group’s brand is well known and popular among users in the region. In addition, Betcris has many high profile sponsorships in Brazil and other countries in Latin America. The company also has former Brazilian football player Ronaldinho as its official ambassador.

The awarded companies will be recognized for their efforts to position Brazil on the international stage. The gaming industry can vote for the finalists. The Brazilian iGaming Awards jury is formed by business leaders and renowned professionals in the sector. The award has 14 categories and voting is taking place on the official website.

Betcris was nominated for other awards this year

This nomination is the latest in a series of nominations that Betcris has received in recent months. Recently, it was elected the ‘Best Sports Betting Operator in Latin America’ by GIA 2021.

It was also a finalist in some categories of the SBC Latinoamérica Award. Betcris CEO JD Duarte was one of the finalists in the Leader of the Year category. As such, the company received the ‘Employer of the Year’ award, while Duarte won the ‘Leader of the Year’ award.