iGaming Group sets record for nominations at Brazilian iGaming Awards

The Brazilian sports betting and iGaming market is considered one of the most promising on the planet, despite the lack of long-awaited regulation. Created in February 2019, the iGaming Group (iGaming Brazil and iGaming Media) has been following and covering the entire process of consolidation and expansion of this industry in the country, in addition to helping companies that arrive here, offering several benefits with their backlinks work – SEO through iGaming Media.

In such a short period of operation, the company carried out several innovative actions and is going through a moment of great notoriety when it received three nominations for the first award in the iGaming segment in Brazil, the Brazilian iGaming Awards. In total, the event will have 14 categories and voting takes place via the official website: www.brazilianigamingawards.com.

The ceremony will be performed on the night of December 1st, at the Sky Hall Terrace Bar, in São Paulo. The iGaming Brazil portal is competing in the ‘Best Digital Magazine’ category, while iGaming Media is in the ‘Innovation & Highlight’ and ‘Best Marketing Agency’ categories.

The company’s CEO, Flávio Figueiredo, was enthusiastic about the nominations: “For us, we are pleased to be competing with companies that are references in the sector. Just being remembered in the nominations is a victory for such a young group, such as the iGaming Group.”

Consolidation of the iGaming brand in the national market

Even being such a new company on the national scene, iGaming Brazil reached a position of reference in the market. Since the beginning of its operations, the group has stood out for its presence in the main events of the segment inside and outside Brazil. With just three months, the company participated in Afiliados Brasil, one of the main affiliation events in the country, with an exclusive stand.

Flávio Raimundo, Flávio Figueiredo and Paulo Faustino.

With less than a year of life, iGaming Brazil was already among the main media companies in the sector and presented itself to the world at ICE LONDON 2020!

With its own stand, it provided on-site coverage of the event and brought first-hand the main information from the betting world.

iGaming Brazil stand at ICE London.

The company was also the only media in the betting sector in Brazil to be at the 2021 edition of SPORTEL MONACO, bringing information, images and exclusive interviews.

Javier Tebas (President of LaLiga) provides an exclusive interview to iGaming Brazil (SPORTEL MONACO).

It is noteworthy that iGaming Brazil is the only official Brazilian media to have a partnership with SiGMA and was named by the Maltese company as being among the 100 largest startups in the world in the sector.

About iGaming Brazil

The iGaming Brazil portal produces daily articles about the online and offline casino industry, sports betting, lottery, poker, eSports and several other verticals, with sources and collaborators in Brazil and Europe. A B2B channel about this pulsating market that grows every day in the country.

About iGaming Media

iGaming Media is the first Brazilian backlinks agency fully dedicated to the iGaming industry and focused on SEO. With more than five years of experience in this fast-growing market in Brazil, the company fully understands what it takes to make its client’s brand stand out from the competition and reach the top positions in the main search engines.

Now that you know the iGaming Group, take the opportunity to visit the official website of the Brazilian iGaming Awards and cast your vote, or click here!