EA Sports prorroga contrato com Bundesliga por tempo maior
Imagem: Bundesliga / Divulgação

The Bundesliga, the German football league, has just announced the extension of its partnership with the North American electronic games giant, EA Sports, until 2027.

With this renewal, the German Championship clubs continue to be highlighted in the EA Sports FC football simulator.

EA Sports extends contract for longer period

The contract extension, which goes beyond the previously secured agreement until 2025, guarantees EA Sports exclusive licensing rights for match simulation, covering the Bundesliga.

In addition, the electronic games company also has the rights to Bundesliga 2 and the German Super Cup. In other words, this expansion consolidates the partnership, guaranteeing a comprehensive presence in the virtual media of football games.

The electronic games company will not just limit itself to simulating matches. The partnership will extend to events such as player of the month and player of the season awards.

In return, the company will implement marketing campaigns in collaboration with the clubs, reinforcing the league’s visibility and expanding its reach.

It is worth noting that the alliance between the German League and EA Sports is nothing new, dating back to 1998. At the time, the franchise was known as “Fifa”.

In addition to solidifying, the partnership has also evolved to adapt to changes in the electronic gaming landscape.

Virtual Bundesliga reaches 130,000 participants

The maintenance of the Virtual Bundesliga (VBL) eSports competition, now with an impressive 130 thousand participants per season.

Marc Lenz, CEO of the German League, highlighted the importance of this union: “The cooperation with EA Sports is more than a licensing partnership; it is of great strategic importance.”

“Our main goal is to reach young fans and find new ways to spark their interest in the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2,” added Lenz.

Therefore, in this scenario, EA Sports FC emerges as a fundamental piece in the strategy. As it will not only boost the visibility of the leagues, but also captivate a young audience, essential for continued success in the eSports universe.