Unikrn passa a oferecer apostas em Counter-Strike 2
Unikrn passa a oferecer apostas em Counter-Strike 2

With the launch of Valve’s FPS Counter-Strike 2, unikrn – the video game and esports betting platform – is ready to offer CS2 fans a world-class skill betting experience.

unikrn will offer a variety of options to players in its live operating regions of Brazil, Chile and Canada (excluding Ontario). With uMode, CS2 players will be able to bet on their own skills in matches.

All bets will require players to work with their team to secure victory, but those who are willing to challenge themselves to secure a big kill streak or avoid deaths can potentially secure higher payouts.

Players in Brazil and Chile specifically will be able to test their CS2 skills against the best, thanks to unikrn’s recent partnership with Gamers Club, the largest CS:GO server provider in Latin America.

Passionate CS2 gamers will turn to the high-quality competitive experience that Gamers Club offers thanks to its top-tier matchmaking system and server infrastructure, and unikrn will soon offer uMode through its platform.

“CS2 represents a huge step forward for one of the most iconic franchises in gaming and esports history,” said unikrn CEO Justin Dellario.

“There is a legion of passionate players and newcomers looking to test their skills against others, and unikrn will be at the forefront of this movement, offering a world-class CS2 betting experience,” added Dellario.

unikrn will also be front and center at the year’s remaining biggest CS2 esports events as BLAST Premier’s official global betting partner.

BLAST has cemented its reputation as the leading CS:GO tournament organizer, as demonstrated by the Paris Major earlier this year, and the finals in Copenhagen and World Finals in Abu Dhabi are sure to delight Counter-Strike fans around the world .

Throughout these events, unikrn must engage with fans to provide unique experiences while your brand is showcased during the broadcasts.

The platform will offer odds on these and all other CS2 tournaments, allowing fans to bet on their favorite teams and players throughout the competitive season.

About Unikrn

Unikrn is the most expansive gaming and esports betting platform on the market, built for the passion of a new generation of gamers and esports fans.

It features all the gaming community’s favorite titles, offers more betting options for users to customize their betting experience, and gives players the ability to test their skills and raise their stakes in their ranked matches.

The platform is safe, secure and accessible for players of legal gambling age to boost their fandom. Unikrn aims to challenge the status quo in betting – putting the player first and evolving beyond a purely transactional relationship.