Vasco da Gama
Imagem: Betfair / Divulgação

Vasco da Gama and Betfair, one of the largest online sports betting companies in the world, announced last Thursday (09) the biggest sponsorship agreement in the club’s history.

The contract is valid until December 31, 2025, with the possibility of renewal for two more seasons. The company’s brand will be displayed on the men’s team’s master property and the inclusion of Betfair on the shoulder blade of the women’s team’s shirts.

Legítimo Clube do Povo will have exclusive official digital content.

Vasco has the biggest master sponsorship in its history

The agreement marks the beginning of a partnership journey between two major institutions: Betfair, a pioneering company in the field of online sports betting, founded in England in 2000. Vasco da Gama is the Rio club with more than 20 million fans spread across for Brazil.

Gigante da Colina was the first continental champion in the world, winner of a Libertadores da América, four Brazilian Championships and a Copa do Brasil, a club that inspires generations with great names in national football such as Barbosa, Ademir, Bellini, Roberto Dinamite, Romário, Carlos Germano, Edmundo, Juninho Pernambucano, Pedrinho, Philippe Coutinho, among others.

“It is an honor and an achievement to close this partnership, the biggest in Vasco’s history, with Betfair. It took weeks of intense work to get the best for our club with a huge and consolidated company. But we have challenges ahead and our commitment We must continue to work seriously and hard for Vasco”, said Lúcio Barbosa, CEO of Vasco.

“The partnership between Vasco and Betfair is not just about a master sponsorship on the team’s shirt. It is based on strategic collaboration of shared values, excellence and passion for football, respecting, of course, the greatness of the club’s history. Furthermore, We hope that the investment within the Rio team will help develop the club’s present and future”, he adds.

“We are delighted to work together with a team that has growth objectives to strengthen the ties between the two brands. We want to bring Vasco residents exclusive experiences that only Betfair can offer. We want to bring fans even closer to their favorite club and all the action of each match,” said Kimberly Daly, General Director of Betfair International.

Image: Betfair / Disclosure

Launch Event

A series of activities will be part of the planning for the millions of fans who make up the Virada Team. There will be raffles and prizes for VIP tickets and official products, exclusive promotions and unique experiences with the Rio team.

Thus, the debut of the uniform that will bear the Betfair brand will take place on May 12th, in São Januário. It will be in the match against Vitória, in the sixth round of the Brazilian Championship for Series A. In any case, the agreement also provides for the brand’s exposure on Vasco da Gama’s digital media, training uniforms and much more.

Last Thursday (09) night, the new uniform was officially presented with the Betfair logo at an event for the press and special guests at Orla 21 Rooftop, Rio de Janeiro.

Thus, representatives of the men’s and women’s teams, such as the players Vegetti, Paulinho, Léo, Keiller, Maicon, as well as Taty, India, Lidy, Vilmara, Guedes and Maria Vitória, for the women’s team, wore the new mantle that will be used from this moment on. weekend.

So, as a show of respect for the club’s symbols and history, Betfair decided to apply its logo to the number 1 uniform, which pays homage to the idol Roberto Dinamite. The symbol will be in a diagonal position, following the shirt stripe on the men’s uniform.