Flamengo e Pixbet negociam reajuste de patrocínio para R$ 100 mi
Foto: Gilvan de Souza / CRF

Flamengo is in negotiations with Pixbet, its master sponsor, to review the contract values. According to the new agreement, the master uniform quota will increase from R$85 million to R$100 million for the 2024 season.

But, in exchange, there is the possibility of extending the contract for another three years and staying until 2027.

Flamengo and Pixbet are confident of an agreement

The red and black board revealed to Pixbet that there were surveys of competitors interested in the club’s shirt. At the same time, Flamengo wanted to increase values, considering inflation in the sponsorship market.

Initially, Flamengo faced difficulties in convincing the bookmaker to review the 2024 and 2025 contract, as it had been recently signed. However, talks progressed and compensation mechanisms were negotiated.

According to Uol columnist Rodrigo Mattos, this year’s contract will be retroactively adjusted to R$100 million. Furthermore, negotiations are underway regarding the value for 2025, which could remain at this level or increase slightly.

Then, Pixbet will have the option to renew, paying more for another two years, but you do not need to stay at the club. It is still open whether Flamengo will also have this option.

Flamengo Pixbet
Image: Flamengo / Disclosure

Therefore, the club is optimistic about closing the agreement in the coming days, approaching the value reached by Corinthians (R$ 120 million) with VaideBet. It is worth noting that there are differences in property deliveries between the two contracts.


Pixbet became the master sponsor of the Rio club in January this year, but was already a partner of Flamengo. Currently, the team is in 3rd place in the Brasileirão with 11 points.

The team coached by Tite is also in the qualifying zone for the round of 16 of the Copa Libertadores, after a 4-0 victory against Bolívar. But the Bolivian team leads the group in the Libertadores.

However, there is still a chance that Flamengo will finish in first place. To do this, they need to beat Millionarios in the next round and hope that Bolívar loses to Palestino.