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Betting on the NBA Playoffs is in full swing, with just eight teams still in contention for the title. Betfair, specializing in sports odds, carried out an analysis of the main candidates for the season’s title, as well as the favorites for the MVP award and predictions for the conference semifinals.

Celtics ahead of the pack

Undeniably, the Boston Celtics, one of the most successful teams in NBA history with 17 titles, emerge as the favorites to win the 2023/24 season, according to Betfair.

With an impressive chance of 44% (2.0 odds), the Celtics, in turn, are looking for their 18th title, the last achievement being in the 2007/08 season. Finally, check out the complete list of favorites:

  1. Boston Celtics: 44%
  2. Minnesota Timberwolves: 23%
  3. Oklahoma City Thunder: 10%
  4. New York Knicks: 8%
  5. Dallas Mavericks: 7%
  6. Denver Nuggets: 6%
  7. Indiana Pacers e Cleveland Cavaliers: 1% cada.

Bets on possible NBA Finals

According to Betfair, the most likely final is between the Boston Celtics and Minnesota Timberwolves, with a 29% chance (odd of 2.25). Check the odds for all possible endings:

  1. Boston Celtics x Minnesota Timberwolves: 29%
  2. Boston Celtics x Oklahoma City Thunder: 15%
  3. Boston Celtics x Dallas Mavericks: 12%
  4. New York Knicks x Minnesota Timberwolves: 11%
  5. Boston Celtics x Denver Nuggets: 8%
  6. New York Knicks x Oklahoma City Thunder: 6%
  7. New York Knicks x Dallas Mavericks: 5%
  8. New York Knicks x Denver Nuggets: 3%
  9. Cleveland Cavaliers x Minnesota Timberwolves, Indiana Pacers x Oklahoma City Thunder e Indiana Pacers x Minnesota Timberwolves: 2% each.
  10. Indiana Pacers x Dallas Mavericks, Indiana Pacers x Denver Nuggets, Cleveland Cavaliers x Oklahoma City Thunder, Cleveland Cavaliers x Dallas Mavericks e Cleveland Cavaliers x Denver Nuggets: 1% each.

Conference Semifinals: Favorites and Performances

The conference semifinals are already underway, with mixed results. Check out the favorites in each series, according to Betfair:

  1. Oklahoma City Thunder x Dallas Mavericks: Oklahoma City Thunder – 56%, Dallas Mavericks – 44%
  2. New York Knicks x Indiana Pacers: New York Knicks – 77%, Indiana Pacers – 23%
  3. Minnesota Timberwolves x Denver Nuggets: Minnesota Timberwolves – 82%, Denver Nuggets – 18%
  4. Boston Celtics x Cleveland Cavaliers: Boston Celtics – 93%, Cleveland Cavaliers – 7%

Betfair prediction for the season’s MVP

Recently, the MVP candidates were revealed by the NBA, with Nikola Jokic, surprisingly, leading the betting according to Betfair. This way, follow the probabilities for the main competitors:

  1. Nikola Jokic: 93%
  2. Luka Doncic: 5%
  3. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander: 2%

So, with the NBA Playoffs in full swing, basketball fans are eager to see how these predictions will unfold throughout the exciting competition.

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