Manipulação de resultados STJD julgará 12 atletas investigados na Operação Penalidade Máxima
Vitor Mendes, do Atlético Mineiro. Foto: Pedro Souza / Atlético Mineiro

The case of players involved in manipulating the results of Brazilian football games will have another development soon.

The president of the Superior Court of Sports Justice (STJD), José Perdiz de Jesus, scheduled for September 28th the trial of 12 players targeted by the Operation Maximum Penalty investigation, promoted by the Public Ministry of Goiás (MP-GO).

The judging will take place in a hybrid format in a reserved room at the COB EXPO event, held at Av. Professora Ida Kolb, number 513, in Jardim das Laranjeiras, in São Paulo

According to news from Portal Terra, the trial should begin at 1 pm (Brasília time) on Thursday.

Check out the 12 players who will be tried for involvement in match-fixing below:

  • Alef Manga, ex-Coritiba, negotiated with Cyprus football
  • Dadá Belmonte, from América
  • Igor Carius, from Sport
  • Jesus Trindade, ex-Coritiba
  • Pedrinho, ex-Athletico, who transferred to Shakthar
  • Sidcley, ex-Cuiabá, currently at Dynamo Kiev
  • Thonny Anderson, ex-Coritiba
  • Nino Paraíba, from Paysandu
  • Bryan García, ex-Athletico
  • Diego Porfírio, from Desportivo Aliança-AL
  • Vitor Mendes, from Fluminense
  • Sávio Alves, ex-Goiás

Match manipulation and FIFA punishment

At the beginning of August, the STJD defined the suspension for 30 days of the seven players who became defendants in the third complaint of Operation Maximum Penalty: Alef Manga (ex-Coritiba), Dadá Belmonte (América-MG), Igor Carius (Sport), Jesus Trindade (ex-Coritiba), Pedrinho (ex-Athletico), Sidcley (ex-Cuiabá) and Thonny Anderson (ex-Coritiba).

Remembering that on the 11th of this month, FIFA informed that it extended the punishment of athletes penalized in Brazil for involvement in match manipulation to the entire world.

Players Ygor Catatau, Matheus Gomes and Gabriel Tota had their bans maintained by the sport’s highest entity – the decision had already been taken by the STJD (Superior Court of Sports Justice).

On the official website, the organization listed the 11 players who had sentences imposed by Brazilian sports courts – the sentences range from 360 days of suspension to banishment from the sport.

Players punished by FIFA and their respective sentences:

  • Ygor Catatau (ban)
  • Paulo Sérgio (600 days)
  • Gabriel Tota (ban)
  • Paulo Miranda (720 days)
  • Fernando Neto (380 days)
  • Eduardo Bauermann (360 days)
  • Matheus Gomes (ban)
  • Mateusinho (600 days)
  • André Queixo (600 days)
  • Moraes (720 days)
  • Kevin Lomónaco (380 days)
manipulation of results Ygor Catatau
Ygor Catatau was one of the players eliminated from football. Photo: Ronald Felipe / Sampaio Corrêa

What is the Maximum Penalty Operation?

Operation Maximum Penalty is carried out by the Public Ministry of Goiás and investigates a criminal group that tried to interfere in Brazilian football.

The scandal involving players came to light in February this year and investigations were soon launched, which include both Series B and Series A games of the Brazilian Championship.