KTO renews master sponsorship of Caxias do Sul Basketball

The betting platform KTO announced the renewal of the master sponsorship of Caxias do Sul Basketball for another year. After a good campaign in the 2020/2021 season of Novo Basquete Brasil, the partnership between the brands was extended to the new season. In the last NBB, the team reached the playoffs, but was eliminated by Bauru.

“The initial idea was fulfilled, which was not to leave basketball in Rio Grande do Sul out of the main national competition. It was possible to see the identity of the team and the commitment of the athletes, who managed to overcome it. We had these difficulties and I understand that the goals were not only achieved, but surpassed in sporting terms”, said Cássio Filter, manager of KTO in Brazil in an interview with Zero Hora.

He added: “In visibility for the brand, it was really cool. We could see the engagement and be able to help basketball in Caxias. At the same time, we have not yet been able to measure with a full Vascão. We’re sponsoring a team that didn’t play a game inside your gym. This season we want to solidify and increase these ties with Caxias Basquete”.

The early renewal of the agreement allows more time for the KTO / Caxias Basketball to plan for the next engagements. With the main partner guaranteed for another year, the team can make investments and hire.

“The purpose of this earlier announcement is precisely for the team to make this programming, to go after potential partners. This helps in the team’s planning, both from a sporting and structural point of view,” said Filter.

Result of the partnership for KTO

The new edition of the NBB will feature two new features. The end of the bubble model in fixed venues, with matches returning to the home gyms. In addition, there is the possibility of the fans returning to the stands, which also makes a difference for the bookmaker.

“It’s a great possibility to be able to interact with people and show our brand, promote basketball in Caxias do Sul. Having the fans is something that will allow KTO to be closer to the people from Serra. It’s very interesting to have the brand’s exposure on an ESPN, which broadcast the game against São Paulo, Corinthians and Flamengo, has weight and is important to us. But the main thing is to be close to Caxias”, he stressed.

The new agreement with KTO will boost the growth of Caxias Basquete. The betting company would like to see the team going further in the league, but does not impose it as a determining factor for the continuity of the partnership.

“I know that each one of them will do their best. The entire board and staff of the commission have been committed to this cause for decades. There is an expectation, but the fact of renewing is not linked to reaching that stage”, he concluded.

A new season is coming for KTO / Caxias Basquete at Novo Basquete Brasil with games filled with emotion and, if everything goes as expected, with fans returning to the stands of the Vascão gym.