Exclusivo Carla Dualib é a nova Business Manager para a SOFTSWISS Latam
Exclusivo Carla Dualib é a nova Business Manager para a SOFTSWISS Latam.

SOFTSWISS is a provider of iGaming software for casinos, affiliate marketing, payment management and sports betting solutions that has been entering Brazil strongly – and has just announced Carla Dualib as the new Business Manager in the country.

His most recent triumph was at the 2023 SiGMA Americas Awards.

The Online Casino Platform received the prestigious ‘Platform Provider of the Year’ award in recognition of its outstanding contribution to the ever-evolving market in the domain of digital entertainment.

The new SOFTSWISS Business Manager for Brazil and Latin America, Carla Dualib, spoke to the iGaming Brazil portal about her new role.

Among other things, Carla tells how this change from one company to another was like.

Dualib is an innovation and technology professional with over 20 years of experience in the igaming industry.

She has a solid background in marketing, communication and sales, and now joins SOFTSWISS to strengthen the betting ecosystem in Brazil.

Towards a new challenge.

See the full interview.

iGaming Brazil – Tell us, how was this change to SOFTSWISS?

Carla Dualib – Change more than opportune. Because I carry the passion for sport, the experience of a lifetime, great networking, brilliant professionals in the company, Women who inspire me like Olga Resiga, our Chief Business Development and Natalia Metko, Head of Business Dev and achievement in a segment that develops like a rocket.

iGaming Brazil – What will be your role from now on?

Carla Dualib – I will be responsible for leveraging business in Brazil, for opening these doors.

Conduct and participate in negotiations, monitor the entire process, ensuring that everything goes well with our partners, perform excellent project management, closely monitor technological changes, participate in events.

Anything SOFTSWISS needs in Brazil, I’m here to help!

iGaming Brazil – What are the novelties that the company brings to Brazil through its entry?

Carla Dualib – There will be many news! Wait! Brazil is a market that is being watched with great attention!

Our team is working with great commitment, dedication and passion so that the service is provided with excellence.

iGaming Brazil – How do you analyze the Brazilian market today for SOFTSWISS business?

Carla Dualib – The Brazilian market for SOFTSWISS is absolutely promising. Not only for its gaming culture and its passion for sports, especially football and igaming.

Because it has good penetration of technology and has a growing middle-aged population that consumes more and more.

As SOFTSWISS is one of the main game software developers for online casinos and sports betting in the world, offering in addition to games, payment methods, the whole mat to launch platforms in Brazil, success is guaranteed.

iGaming Brazil – Are you optimistic about the regulation of betting and gaming in Brazil? What would be the downside, if any?

Carla Dualib – In general, I am quite optimistic about gaming regulation in Brazil. It will generate revenue, transparency, jobs and boost the economy.

The text of PM No. 1,182, OF JULY 24, 2023, brings a taxation of 18%.

The total tax burden for companies should reach approximately 30%, after taxes such as PIS, COFINS and ISS.

There is still taxation on player prizes, which would place Brazil among the highest tax burdens in the world.

This is a concern since companies could pass on costs to gamblers and the latter, dissatisfied, could seek more advantageous alternatives.

There are extremely positive points regarding the guarantees of protection for players and also for the sport.

For example: the direct or indirect banning of people under 18 from gambling or even people enrolled in the national credit protection registers – SPC and Serasa – the people most vulnerable to financial losses.

From an advertising point of view, CONAR inspection and the tone to be used in communication so that it is seen as entertainment for Brazilians

iGaming Brazil – How was your experience at BiS Sigma this year? What would you highlight from the event?

Carla Dualib – The BIS/SiGMA event was amazing this year.

Congratulations to the organizers! I could see the importance of the Brazilian market. The change from 22 to 23 was clear!

There was a diversity of companies, businesses and opportunities around the segment. Government, Organizers, companies were all sailing in the same direction: offering the best!

Additionally, as SOFTSWISS we were awarded “Platform Provider of the Year” at the SiGMA Americas Awards 2023.

This recognition is the result of our continuous dedication, experience and evolution of the Online Casino Platform, the flagship product of SOFTSWISS.

We are a tireless, united team that values ​​the quality of our products.


SOFTSWISS is an international iGaming company providing certified software solutions for managing gambling operations. The expert team, which has 1,400 employees, is based in Malta, Poland, Georgia and Belarus.

SOFTSWISS holds multiple gaming licenses and provides complete iGaming software solutions.