Esportes da Sorte fecha patrocínio com a paiN Gaming
Esportes da Sorte fecha patrocínio com a paiN Gaming.

Complexo paiN Gaming, a pioneering eSports space in Latin America, now has a new name and is now called Arena Esportes da Sorte.

The partnership, which includes the naming rights agreement, announced through a digital campaign made by the brands, is unprecedented in the history of electronic sports on the continent and also includes sponsorship of the Counter-Strike lineups (main and Academy) and Free Fire .

With the agreement, the Esportes da Sorte brand will be displayed in the stands located right at the entrance to the complex and is considered one of the most special and important spaces precisely because it is where fans are welcomed.

The main activations of the sports betting platform should focus on this area to make the fan experience even more remarkable in the sense of making the home of one of the biggest esports fans in the world even more cozy.

Thomas Hamence, CEO of paiN Gaming, says that one of the factors that most influenced the approach was the bookmaker’s solid market credibility, in addition to many common goals.

“The partnerships that are signed between Grupo Esportes da Sorte and the sponsors go far beyond a simple negotiation, it involves an alignment of expectations and purposes between the parties, whether in credibility, innovation, technology and attributes that are aligned with our DNA. ”, explains Hamence.

The paiN Gaming Complex, inaugurated in November 2022, has more than 1,500m2, a 3m-high screen equipped for up to 250 passionate paiNzetes accommodated in the stands to experience all the emotions of paiN games.

A mobile store with exclusive products to serve the events and a museum, where the trophies and medals of the titles of more than 13 years of history will be displayed and accessible, will be important scenarios for the actions of Esportes da Sorte.

The Business Development executive at Grupo Esportes da Sorte, Sofia Aldin, says that the main objective of investing in electronic sports is to build a long-term partnership with the community and increase the visibility of the institution.

Today, EDS sponsors X1 Brazil Combate (a project focused on one-on-one football) and the idea is to create a similar project focused on esports.

“Esportes da Sorte is one of the most reliable companies in this segment. The expectation is to join our forces so that we can build incredible and endemic cases in our scenario”, says Aldin.

About Esportes da Sorte

Created in 2018, Esportes da Sorte defines itself as a company “made by people and for people” that values ​​new technologies, new approaches, entertainment, without ever leaving aside transparency and the support of a humanized and personalized service 24 hours a day. day, 7 days a week.

“We work to be a brand that stands out not only in its name, but also in its performance, dialoguing with different segments, delivering a high quality service”, says Darwin Filho, President of Grupo Esportes da Sorte.

In addition to exclusive games, Esportes da Sorte allows unlimited daily withdrawals for its customers and deposits from R$1 with total guarantee of security.

One of the main highlights is Onabet, an ultra-modern, safe, stable and easy-to-navigate online gaming and casino platform.

“More than fun, Onabet exists to break paradigms and provide a unique experience for the most demanding players”, adds Ícaro Quinteiro, COO of the group.