Project for concession and operation of the Tocantins lottery is approved
Photo: Agência Brasil

On Thursday, December 22, the Legislative Assembly of Tocantins authorized the State Government to carry out the concession and operation of the state lottery in all 139 cities. The agenda was authorized throughout the analysis of a series of laws that contemplates the increase of wages and also of members of the first echelon of the state government.

The creation of the Tocantins lottery by the public service should increase state revenue, transferring amounts to public policies in the segments of infrastructure, health, sports and roads, in addition to investments in information technology and in the Partnerships and Investments Program.

The project authorizes the exploration of lottery game modalities established by the federal legislation of the capitation of bets and ticket commercialization, both in virtual platforms and in physical units, promoted within the limits of the territory of Tocantins.

Distribution of state lottery collection amounts

According to the AF Notícias website, the allocation of the amounts obtained with the service has also been approved. According to the proposal, 10% of the collection of the Tocantins lottery service will be sent to the State Treasury for the implementation of sports sector projects; 15% for Health actions; 15%, to the development of Education; 5% for actions to fight and treat cancer in the state; 5% to investments in information technology services; 5% for Apae; and 45% to regulation by the state executive branch.

According to the project, the model studied for the implementation and operation of the Lottery in Tocantins is the Concession, where the State has a percentage of the Gross Operating Revenue, allocating these resources to meet social projects.

The objective is to promote the regulation, implementation, operation and maintenance of lottery services in the State of Tocantins with a view to increasing the State’s financial income by promoting the generation of new jobs and the promotion of social projects, especially in the sports area.