One of the most famous US lotteries, Mega Millions, will raffle today, Friday (23), a prize of US$ 510 million (R$ 2.6 billion at current quotations). Despite being drawn abroad, Brazilians and other citizens from anywhere in the world can place bets on the lottery.

The easiest and most common way to bet on Mega Millions is through TheLotter website, which charges around BRL 25.91 for a ticket. If we take into account that the simplest Mega-Sena bet is BRL 4.50, but that its prizes do not even come close to the amount drawn by Mega Millions – not even the Mega da Virada – it is an option to be considered by bettors.

To follow the lottery contests, just access the Mega Millions website. The draw will take place today at 21 pm (Brasilia time).

How does TheLotter work?

TheLotter offers online lottery sales services and has agents in the United States who purchase official tickets on behalf of customers worldwide.

Prior to the draw, the physical ticket is scanned and a copy uploaded to the customer’s online account on the platform. There is no need to be a citizen or live in the country to compete for the awards. However, for any prize to be valid, the ticket cannot leave US territory.

In its nearly 20-year history, TheLotter has distributed over $105 million paid out to nearly 7 million winners worldwide, including Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Panama, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Australia, Iraq and Spain, among others.

How to play in Mega Millions?

  • 1 – Go to the Mega Millions page on TheLotter
  • 2 – Choose the number of lines you want to play
  • 3 – Choose your lucky numbers
  • 4 – Confirm your purchase

If you win a lottery prize, the total amount of the prize will be yours, as the platform does not charge commissions on prizes. In the case of smaller prizes, all amounts are transferred to your online account, which can be withdrawn at any time. In the case of large prizes, the amount must be withdrawn in person.