Conar estabelece regras para publicidade de casas de apostas no Brasil

Conar (National Advertising Self-Regulation Council) approved ‘Annex X’, a document with the self-regulation rules for betting advertising in Brazil. The Annex X rules have been discussed since August 2023 and will come into force on the 31st of this month.

The document is divided into five parts: ‘Principle of advertising identification’, ‘Principle of veracity and information’, ‘Principle of presentation of truth and information’, ‘Principle of protection of children and adolescents’ and ‘Principle of social responsibility and responsible gaming ‘.

Principle of advertising identification

Already included in the general part of the Code, also included in the Consumer Protection Code, CDC, it is highlighted to emphasize the importance of transparency regarding the commercial nature and the fundamental identification of the person responsible for the offer. It is also necessary to provide the identification of the authorization granted, as a way of guaranteeing the means of checking the regularity of the offer, coming from a duly licensed company.

Principle of veracity and information

This point clarifies how the media should present and offer their advertisements, as well as in the case of prognoses presented, they should refrain from promising certain, easy and/or high gains and results.

It cites four points where betting advertising should refrain, such as misleading or unrealistic information about the probability of winning from bets, suggesting that the amount of bets will increase the possibilities of winning, not inducing that bets can lead to the player’s enrichment and lead the consumer to believe they are in control or categorically predict outcomes.

Principle of truthful presentation and information

Details truthful presentation rules about the nature and possible results of the disclosed activity, essential so that consumers can make informed decisions and not be misled. Therefore, promises of certain earnings and results are prohibited, as well as the dissemination of misleading or unrealistic information about the probability of winnings from bets and the level of risk involved.

Principle of protection for children and adolescents

The Annex stipulates a series of content restrictions and advertising targeting, with the aim of protecting minors, considering that this activity is aimed at people over 18 years of age. Therefore, the following are foreseen: the need to insert the “18+” symbol or the warning “prohibited for children under 18 years of age”; prohibiting the use of elements known to be associated with the children’s universe or that may attract the attention of this group; the use of age selection tools for brand profiles (age gate); prohibiting the presence of children and adolescents in advertisements; establishing that models appearing in advertisements for the segment, taking part in betting, playing a significant or prominent role, must be and appear to be over 21 years of age.

The recommendation regarding advertising dissemination on social networks was considered, providing, in addition to age restriction mechanisms in brand profiles, the need for compliance of advertising content generated by third parties on social networks, reiterating that such disclosures are also subject to the rules of the Code and the regulations in force, and providing that betting advertising can only be disseminated by influencers whose followers have a majority adult audience.

Principles of social responsibility and responsible gaming

The financial and psychological impacts on the consumer were also considered, with prohibitions on encouraging exaggeration or irresponsible conduct in betting, as well as warnings about potential financial and psychological losses.

Read the full Annex “X”

Find out in full Annex “X” of the Brazilian Advertising Self-Regulation Code, which deals with betting and comes into force on January 29th. The provisions of the preamble and item 3.1, regarding the mandatory authorization of operators, will have a deferred validity, pending the regulation of the processes for granting authorizations to explore the activity.

The document, in PDF format, also contains the explanatory memorandum sent to the members of Conar‘s Superior Council, who approved, on December 11, the Annex and also the annex with the international references researched by the Working Group that prepared the Annex.