Foto: Ari Dias /AEN

Acting governor Darci Piana authorized the official start of sports betting operations in Paraná.

“Part of these grant resources, as well as new resources that can be raised with new companies that join, are being used for equipment and systems used to control operations and to ensure that there are no misappropriation of resources and that no bettor is harmed”, declared Piana.

This action demonstrates the government’s commitment to transparency and the protection of citizens.

Accreditation process and start of sports betting operations

Initially, four companies accredited by Lotteries of the State of Paraná (Lottopar) are authorized to operate.

Daniel Romanowski, CEO of Lottopar, explained the process: “Following the STF decision that allowed States to regulate sports betting, Paraná has already accredited interested companies, with eight qualifications, of which four are beginning to operate. immediately”.

Investment in social benefits

The State has already raised R$20 million from grants from betting companies.

In addition to the pre-fixed amount already paid, companies will pay 5% royalties and 1% variable grant on gross monthly revenue.

Furthermore, most of this revenue will be applied to areas such as public housing and public security.

Regulation and security in sports betting operations

Lottopar, as a pioneer in the regulation of state lotteries, joined the World Lottery Association (WLA), reinforcing its commitment to security and trust in the sector.

Fabio Veiga, Operations Director at Lottopar, emphasized: “Lottopar will monitor, through the contracted platform, 100% of operations. Always respecting the LGPD and the privacy of bettors.”

Technical cooperation

Lottopar, the Civil Police and the Scientific Police signed a technical cooperation agreement.

“This cooperation agreement between the Security Secretariat, through the Civil Police and Scientific Police, is essential for us to have smoothness throughout the process”, stated the Secretary of Public Security, Colonel Hudson Teixeira.

Therefore, the agreement aims to guarantee the integrity and transparency of support operations

The launch of sports betting operations in Paraná was attended by authorities and representatives of authorized companies: Apostou, Bplay, Aposta.La and PixBet.