Oposição tentará retirar cassinos online da proposta de regulamentação das bets
Senadores Carlos Portilho e Eduardo Girão. Foto: Jefferson Rudy / Agência Senado

The project to regulate bets, known as fixed-odd sports betting, continues to be criticized by the opposition. The main point of discontent is the insertion of online casinos.

According to a CNN article, the group understands that the proposal could encourage the problem of excessive gambling.

Furthermore, the opposition senators intend to maintain the question already presented to the Economic Affairs Committee (CAE) last Wednesday, the 22nd, regarding the inclusion of online games in the bill.

Opposition senators interviewed by CNN indicate that the bill makes room for ‘online casinos‘, mentioning online gambling.

This point will continue to be questioned by the opposition in the Senate Plenary. After all, the vote on the proposal should take place this Wednesday, the 29th.

‘These games are illegal; are banned in Brazil’, said senator Eduardo Girão (Novo-CE).

For senator Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ), the project, as it was finalized, ‘opens up space for slot machines in bakeries and cafeterias’.

‘Surreal wanting to put slot machine territory dominance bang-bang. They lost all modesty’, added Portinho.

Reporter states that the opposition did not just want to block online casinos

According to the rapporteur, senator Angelo Coronel (PSD-BA), more than 170 amendments were received, the majority coming from the opposition.

“They wanted to end the project, not just remove online games. There were amendments for everyone’s taste,” he told CNN.

The senator said that the opposition’s request made no sense, because ‘80% of the project deals with online games’.

However, Coronel admits that the item that stipulated the so-called Report — a device that extended the tax exemption for investments in port infrastructure for 5 years — could in fact be interpreted as a tortoise.

‘It had nothing to do with the original project. It was withdrawn in the end, and an autonomous project was created, agreed with government leader Jaques Wagner’, he reported.

The request also came from the opposition.


But it is worth noting that, to reduce complaints that it could stimulate the popularization of slot machines, the amendment authored by Senator Tereza Cristina (PP-MS) was inserted by the rapporteur.

The amendment promotes the distinction between lottery activities and prohibits the “installation or availability of equipment or other devices in physical establishments that are intended for the sale of bets in a virtual environment”.