Lottopar é a primeira loteria estadual do Brasil a se associar à WLA

Lottopar, Lotteries of the State of Paraná, announced this week its membership of the WLA (World Lottery Association), the largest lottery association in the world, which brings together more than 150 State lotteries, in 80 countries, on five continents.

It is the first state lottery in Brazil to join this international entity, considered a global authority in the sector that seeks to defend the highest ethical principles in safe gambling and responsible gambling.

Furthermore, the World Lottery Association is the largest lottery association in the world, which brings together more than 150 state lotteries in 80 countries on five continents.

Lottopar demonstrates commitment to best gaming practices

According to Lottopar’s CEO, Daniel Romanowski, with this membership of the World Lottery Association, the Government of Paraná once again demonstrates its commitment to the most rigorous standards of social responsibility and to promoting a safe gaming environment, which aims to protect bettors and offer conditions for responsible gambling.

“Membership is essential for Paraná and highlights the pioneering role of our institution. With this, we want to exchange knowledge, experiences and continue the constant search for the best management practices in the global lottery market”, he said.

“Being part of WLA, we have the opportunity to improve our management in all areas, such as risk and security management, marketing and corporate social responsibility, always aiming to improve the provision of a safe gaming environment.”

To join the largest lottery association in the world, Lottopar had to meet a series of requirements.

Among them, making a commitment to comply with Responsible Gaming policies and the Code of Ethics that will guide the actions not only of Lottopar, but which extends to all participants in the lottery gaming system, such as operators, suppliers and other interested parties .


Lottopar is also a member of the Ibero-American Lottery and Betting Corporation (CIBELAE), an association that helps the authority to strengthen ties with other state lotteries, in order to share knowledge and experiences in areas such as responsible gaming, prevention of money laundering money and social responsibility.