Haddad decide proibir anuncios que associam apostas esportivas a riqueza.
Crédito: Agência Brasil

A new ordinance that will regulate advertisements from sports betting houses is being drafted by the Ministry of Finance and the Brazilian National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation (Conar).

The latest details of the rule that comes with an addendum that Finance Minister Fernando Haddad considers a priority.

Therefore, there will be a veto on commercials that promise enrichment through betting by the Minister of Finance.

Along these lines, he asked the Finance technicians who are negotiating with Conar at the moment

The work of YouTubers and influencers who call themselves “coaches” and claim to teach other people how to live off the money earned from bets could be affected.

Furthermore, the ordinance will regulate which messages will or will not be published.

What’s more, there will also be a veto on the times when children and teenagers watch television.

This covers commercial breaks for daytime sports programs.

Furthermore, the advertisements will contain phrases to curb gambling addiction.

Just like in commercials for alcoholic beverages and medicines.

Haddad puts an end to sports betting ads, but calls for high taxes

On the other hand, the taxation of sports betting will generate revenue of more than R$2 billion in 2024, according to the Minister of Finance.

Previous estimates from the department pointed to gains of up to 12 billion reais per year with the measure.

In an interview with journalists last August, Haddad once again criticized the level of interest rates in the country.

He argued that the government pays 10% per year in real interest and that “the country can’t take it anymore.”

About Conar

The National Advertising Self-Regulation Council (CONAR) is a civil society organization founded in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1980, by ABAP and others that are:

Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, ABA – Brazilian Association of Advertisers, ANJ – National Association of Newspapers, ABERT – Brazilian Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters, ANER – National Association of Magazine Editors,

And also: OUTDOOR CENTRAL, which has the membership of ABTA – Brazilian Pay TV Association, FENEEC – National Federation of Cinema Exhibition Companies and IAB BRASIL – Interactive Advertising Bureau [internet].

The activity carried out by Conar aims to prevent the dissemination of advertisements and campaigns with misleading, offensive, abusive content or that disrespect, among others, fair competition between advertisers.