Imagem: Agência Senado / Marcos Oliveira
A solicitação para a reunião secreta partiu do senador Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ). Foto: Agência Senado

This Monday (13), the Senate’s CPI for Game and Sports Betting Manipulation will hold a secret meeting. The guest to provide clarification is former football referee Glauber do Amaral Cunha.

He was summoned to provide explanations regarding suspected manipulation of football match results.

Glauber Cunha is accused of manipulating results in Carioca’s lower division

The request for the secret meeting came from senator Carlos Portinho (PL-RJ). According to him, “the sensitivity and confidential nature of the information” require appropriate measures to protect the integrity of investigations.

Portinho argues that the secret session is necessary to create a safe environment. This way, the deponent can share crucial details without fear of reprisal. In other words, confidentiality is essential to guarantee the full cooperation of the deponent and preserve the integrity of the investigation process.

It is suspected that Cunha received bribes to manipulate the result of a lower division game in the Campeonato Carioca.

John Textor, majority shareholder of Botafogo, would have mentioned him. The American businessman presented the CPI with an audio of Cunha claiming to have scored a dubious penalty.

Recently, the former referee’s defense requested access to the documents delivered by the owner of Fogão to the senators.

About the CPI for game manipulation in the Senate

The CPI for Manipulation of Games and Sports Betting is extremely important for both the betting market and Brazilian football. The work should last up to six months.

When it comes to the betting market, investigation can help ensure the integrity and transparency of sports betting. Furthermore, it is important to maintain bettors’ confidence and ensure that the market continues to grow healthily.

But in the context of Brazilian football, the CPI can help combat corruption and manipulation of results, which damage the image and credibility of the sport.

It is worth noting that the Chamber of Deputies carried out similar work last year, investigating complaints investigated by the Public Ministry of Goiás in Operation Maximum Penalty.