Para Betfair, Vitória é o clube com maiores chances de título da Série B
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Isolated leader of the Brazilian Championship Series B, Vitória is just a few steps away from the Series B title in 2023. With five points ahead of Sport, second placed, Betfair analyzed the championship and calculated the chances of the Series B teams to guarantee the so dreamed of access to Series A in 2024.

Since 2018, outside the national elite, the Bahian team has been on an ascension after falling to Series C in 2021, from which they finished in fourth place in 2022. According to Betfair’s analysis, the Salvador team is the main favorite to be champion of the second division in 2023: there are 55% chances.

With six rounds remaining in Series B, Vitória has a very comfortable situation with 61 points, in addition to having a 53% probability of winning the title for the first time and is five points ahead of Sport, with 56 and 15%.

Right behind, in third, Juventude appears with a 55 and 17% chance of winning the cup, followed by Atlético Goianiense and Guarani, with 54, with 8% and 6% respectively.

See the complete list of title probability in Series B:

  • Vitória – 53% (odd de 1.57)
  • Sport – 15% (odd de 5.5)
  • Juventude – 12%(odd de 7.0)
  • Atlético Goianiense – 8% (odd de 11.0)
  • Guarani – 6% (odd de 13.0)
  • Novorizontino – 3% (odd de 51.0)
  • Mirassol – 2% (odd de 101.0)
  • Vila Nova, CRB e Criciúma <1% (odd de 501.0)


For Betfair, Vitória, Sport, Juventude and Atlético Goianiense lead the mathematical chances of competing in the Brasileirão elite in 2024. Brazilian runner-up in 1994, Vitória leads the odds to move up the division: there are 85% chances of returning to the Series A.

Relegated in 2022, Sport and the Juventude team from Rio Grande do Sul have 80% and 72% respectively. The fourth and final spot would go to the Pernambuco team Atlético Goianiense, with 70%.

Guarani, Novorizontino and Mirassol from São Paulo are still fighting for access: Bugre Campinas has 52%, Tigre do Vale de Novo Horizonte has 40% and Leão de Mirassol has 22%. Criciúma, Vila Nova and CRB with lower probabilities, have less than 10% chance of moving up.

Betfair Serie B
Photo: Celso da Luz / Criciúma EC

Check out the complete list of favorites to move up to Série A in 2024 below:

  • Vitória – 85% (1.1)
  • Sport – 80% (1.17)
  • Juventude – 72% (1.25)
  • Atlético Goianiense – 70% (1.36)
  • Guarani – 52% (1.91)
  • Novorizontino – 40% (2.5)
  • Mirassol – 22% (4.5)
  • Criciúma – 9% (10.5)
  • Vila Nova – 7% (11.0)
  • CRB – 2% (15.0)

Current Series B standings

With six rounds to go, Vitória leads Series B with 61 points, Atlético Goianiense’s team from Goiás appears in second place with 56, closely followed by Sport Recife from Pernambuco with 55. Juventude appears in fourth with 54, closing.

In the fight to guarantee access, Guarani from São Paulo appears in fifth, with 54 points, Novorizontino with 53 and Mirassol with 52.

Criciúma, Vila Nova and CRB appear to close the list of clubs with mathematical chances with 51 points for the Santa Catarina and Goiás teams, against 49 for the Alagoas.

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