Exclusivo Segundo Wilder Brito, WA.Technology compreende o perfil do jogador brasileiro

WA.Technology‘s participation in the 2024 edition of BiS SiGMA Americas represented a strategic moment for the company, as highlighted by Wilder Brito, director of operations in Brazil, in an exclusive interview.

“This year’s fair has a special characteristic, a very large movement of customers looking for security, strategic partnership. So, that sales movement that we saw in other years has slowed down, the greater demand is for consolidation in the market”, he stated Brito.

WA.Technology and the profile of the Brazilian player

Furthermore, he emphasized WA.Technology’s ability to anticipate trends and adapt to changes in the iGaming market in Brazil.

“I think WA.Technology’s greatest achievement in this market was to have anticipated the trend and what this market is transforming into today. What happened in Brazil was something viral, and what is viral is difficult to explain”, he commented.

He also highlighted the company’s focus on understanding Brazilian player behavior and adapting its technology to meet their specific needs.

“Our difference is understanding this, knowing the player. Today we are focused on adapting the technology we have to the behavior of the Brazilian player, the Brazilian has a specific behavior”, he explained.

According to Brito, WA.Technology seeks to provide assertive technology to face changes in marketing and customer acquisition following the implementation of regulations across the country.

“A local team that knows the market and can transform, in terms of technology, everything we have in terms of knowledge of the ecosystem”, he concluded.