Exclusivo: Flávio Corrêa revela detalhes do início e dos objetivos futuros da Lampions Bet

Flávio Corrêa, CEO of Lampions Bet, revealed in an exclusive interview during BiS SiGMA Americas details about the company’s beginnings and future objectives in the Brazilian iGaming scene.

The bookmaker, based in Serra Talhada, was born in a region rich in history, being the land of Lampião and received its name due to the famous Copa do Nordeste, affectionately known as the Lampions League.

“The owners created it with that name precisely because of the name of the regional tournament in the Northeast. So, it was time for a Lampions Bet to come out,” said Corrêa when describing the company’s roots.

With two and a half years of existence, Lampions Bet emerged at a crucial moment in the sector’s growth in the country.

Corrêa expressed his satisfaction in being part of this project at such a promising stage, highlighting the achievements and strengthening of the brand nationally.

When discussing his participation in BiS SiGMA Americas 2024, Corrêa praised the magnitude of the event. “Last year, I was already scared by the size. This year, it’s crazy with so many people.”

“Congratulations to the entire organization, it’s wonderful, new people, we received many influencers. This year was very notable for the presence of TV networks, I am very happy for the growth of the industry in Brazil”, he added.

Second half of Lampions Bet

As for Lampions Bet‘s future plans, Corrêa revealed a series of strategic initiatives.

“We will announce our new marketing director soon, ahead of us in the acquisition department. We are restructuring to offer the best to our customers, we also want to humanize the brand, be closer to our customers”, he concluded .