Exclusivo: Ricardo Feijó ressalta importância das ferramentas de compliance da PayBrokers

Amidst an increasingly regulated betting market, Ricardo Feijó, legal director, emphasized PayBrokers‘ continuous preparation for this new stage. He also highlighted the importance of BiS SiGMA Americas at a time of transition in the sector.

“This fair has been excellent for PayBrokers”, highlighted Feijó. “This market movement is effectively regulated and PayBrokers is more prepared than ever for this moment.”

One of the highlights mentioned by Feijó was the payment methods ordinance, which he described as a significant advance.

“The payment methods ordinance improves PayBrokers’ work 1000% because it brings a regulatory standard, something the company has been doing for a long time and puts all competitors and payment providers under my rule”, he explained.

According to Feijó, this regulation is fundamental for Brazilian industry. “It is very important for the sector as it brings security, transparency and trust to the market”, he highlighted.

Furthermore, Feijó emphasized that the company is committed to making access to the regulated market easier and allowing operators to focus on their main activities, without worrying excessively about complying with standards.

“The most important thing I can talk about as a legal officer at PayBrokers is the set of tools for prevention, money laundering, transaction monitoring, responsible gaming that we can offer partners and the system as a whole. And that’s what we’re envisioning for the next semester, to facilitate and provide a complete solution for the operator”, he concluded.