Exclusivo Édson Lenzi detalha plano de expansão da Paybrokers para América Latina
Exclusivo Édson Lenzi detalha plano de expansão da Paybrokers para América Latina.

The SBC Summit Barcelona 2023 arrived fulfilling the promise of being a historic edition. For the CEO of Paybrokers, Édson Lenzi, the structure is bigger than what was offered last year.

“A much larger event in terms of space and structure than last year, which shows the growth of the sector not only in Brazil but throughout the world. We have good expectations of conversion, in addition to the reunion with international customers and partners”, he said in exclusive interview.

Furthermore, Lenzi commented on the project to regulate the sports betting sector in Brazil. The proposal was approved in the Chamber of Deputies and now goes to the Senate, but the tax displeased the market.

“The bill was received with surprise due to the scope adopted for the games and the speed between presentation, the deadline for discussion in the Chamber and everything else. In the Senate, there is a lot of discussion to be raised. The regulation is welcome, but it needs be intelligent so the market can sustain itself.”

“Confusion ends up generating the risk of what is unwanted. We have to know the weight of the scale for the market to be able to develop – how it develops in a healthy way outside Brazil, without frightening either the operator or the large consumer market, which It’s the bettors”, he added.

Paybrokers expansion plans

Édson Lenzi also detailed Paybrokers’ expansion project for the coming months. “We expect significant growth in the Brazilian market in the last quarter. We have had an international expansion plan for a long time and have already obtained a license in Canada.”

“We will soon have positive news for both the domestic and international markets. Our plans are to expand to Latin America and other countries soon after”, he concluded.

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