Exclusive- 'Industry is crazy about the World Cup', says Witoldo Hendrich, from Online IPS

The Online payment company IPS was one more to honor the meeting days of the world betting, affiliates and gaming industry, in Malta. Witoldo Hendrich (Co-founder and Legal Director of Online IPS) and Paula Becerra (General Manager of Marketing and Sales of Online IPS) gave an exclusive interview to the iGaming Brazil portal during SiGMA Europe 2022.

As Paula Becerra reported, the conference was held in an amazing place and everyone was happy to get together again. Online IPS took advantage of networking opportunities to make new contacts and potential partnerships.

Witoldo Hendrich, in turn, highlighted the financial revolution that has occurred in Brazil in recent years with the creation and popularization of the PIX. “The PIX is an excellent solution”, emphasizing that the resource developed by the Central Bank accelerated the financial process in a transparent, safe and accessible way for the entire population.

Asked about the World Cup, he acknowledged that the ‘industry is crazy about the World Cup’ and the market is much more mature now, compared to the last edition of the Football World Cup, in 2018.

Finally, Hendrich also shared his expectations about the transition of government in Brazil and what it could represent for the future of the gambling sector in the country.

Check out the exclusive interview with Witoldo Hendrich and Paula Becerra, from Online IPS