5 tips for you to consider before betting on League of Legends

League of Legends is booming on the best betting sites in Brazil. With a huge community of players and fans, the Riot Games MOBA is also a worldwide phenomenon on betting sites and apps, being one of the most sought after eSports to bet on.

In Brazil there are many fans of League of Legends. Data from 2022 show that the country has more than 11 million players, which represents 8% of the player base worldwide. Therefore, it is natural that this game is the sensation of the moment in the best bookmakers.

Continue reading the next lines and discover the 5 best tips for betting on League of Legends

1. Unity is strength – keep an eye on the teams

The first step to solid League of Legends betting is getting to know the competing teams. Before you place any bets, familiarize yourself with the players that make up the team and look for recent results, both in regional matches and in international matches.

In 2023, for example, we see the Korean Gen.G stand out as champion of the LCK 2023 in the 1st split over the favorite T1. Both teams are already classified to participate in the MSI 2023, the first international championship of the year. This will be a good time to follow both teams throughout the tournament and prepare winning bets.

2. Talent – the Star of the team

Just as big stars carry their teams on their backs in traditional sports, the same happens in eSports, where a single player can make all the difference.

League of Legends has several players worldwide known for their skills, such as the legendary Faker, current member of T1, known for his mechanical skill and his power to dominate the opponent.

There are also prodigy players, who are currently emerging with little experience, but with a vocation to win. That’s the case with ADC Peyz, just 17 years old, MVP of this year’s LCK. Peyz is certainly a player to keep an eye on when betting, constantly being the leader in kills, damage and gold of the match.

3. The importance of the Draft – use the meta in your favor

One of the most significant features of League of Legends is the constantly changing meta: current best performing champions. There are several websites and newsletters where you can track the champions with the best current track record. This information is called the “tier list”, where the best champions are in the S category.

At the beginning of the game, players carry out a draft, a kind of draw where they can banish and “hold” champions. Knowing that a certain team managed to banish or take one of the champions of the current meta, this information can be the key to making a sure bet.

4. Inside the game – Learn alternative ways to bet

League of Legends is a very complex game, with lots of numbers and information. For this reason, the sites offer different ways for you to bet, such as: betting on who gets the first kill (first blood), who has the most kills at the end of the game, who destroys the most towers, who kills the most dragons, among other options. .

Therefore, it is essential to know the aspects of the game well and thus find alternative ways and advantages to bet. It is also worth mentioning that with the recent increase in partnerships between bookmakers and eSports teams, you will have even more options for new brands and sites to place your bets online safely!

5. Map and routes – much more than KDA

As much as it is common to evaluate a player by his KDA, an acronym used to determine how many times the player killed, died and helped his allies (Kills / Deaths / Assists), this characteristic does not always indicate who will be the winner.

The map is one of the main indicators of team performance, where winning teams usually control the jungle (jungle), break more inhibitors and conquer more dragons / barons. For even more accurate bets, know the position of each player and what their role in the team is, closely monitoring their evolution within that route.