Mulheres em cargos de liderança acelera no mercado de apostas
Foto: Talita Lacerda/Bet7k

At the same time as it grows exponentially in sponsorships, advertising, revenue and new players, the betting platform segment also sees an increase in the number of female professionals occupying jobs and leadership positions.

Master sponsor of the Ferroviária women’s team and the Brazilian Basketball Confederation (CBB), also reaffirms its commitment to women’s football. On social media, the betting company paid tribute to the Araraquara team.

With a consolidated diversity project within the company, the company also has two women in highly relevant positions, namely Paula Braytne, in Compliance, and Ana Bárbara Teixeira, in Regulatory.

“Despite the sector still being predominantly male, we have increasingly created opportunities for women to occupy positions and develop in the betting industry”, says Paula Braytne.

“My role as a woman and leader in the sector is to ensure that we are looking at this cause seriously inside and outside the organization, whether with our employees, business partners or society in general”, she adds.

Bet7K supports Brazilian volleyball

Co-sponsor of the Brazilian Volleyball Confederation, with the brand’s presence on the uniforms of the Brazilian teams and naming rights for the Superliga 23/24, the Brazilian Beach Volleyball Circuit 2024, Copa Brasil de Vôlei and the Supercopa 2023, Bet7k also has women in leadership positions, such as CEO Talita Lacerda and CMO Andrea Vianna.

“Women’s qualifications in different segments of sport have increased considerably, and here at Bet7k we have a constant reminder of the importance of promoting gender equality and empowering all women to achieve their dreams and potential”, said Talita Lacerda.

Reals promotes special campaign in the Coritiba game

Reals, which has been operating in the betting sector since 2022 and is currently a master sponsor of Coritiba and Amazonas, has also been carrying out work to value women within the company.

Currently, more than 60% of its workforce is made up of women.

Furthermore, the company provided space on Coxa’s uniform for a special tribute to women during Paranaense’s quarter-finals, against Cianorte, on Saturday (9).

Casa de Apostas closed naming rights with Arena Fonte Nova

At Casa de Apostas, which recently closed naming rights with Arena Fonte Nova, the marketing and financial departments are all headed by women, with emphasis on head of marketing Jéssica Souza, financial manager Letícia Reis, and

“I believe that gender diversity and the presence of women in a traditionally male space is an advancement, and we can say that we are in these areas due to the competence of our training, as the growth of executive positions has increased, but the professional power of us women has also , and this deserves to always be revered”, points out Letícia Reis.

Esportes da Sorte is a sponsor of the Palmeiras women’s team

At Esportes da Sorte, a company that sponsors major Brazilian clubs, such as Bahia, Athletico-PR and Grêmio, almost 50% of the staff is occupied by women, with emphasis on the vice-president of the group Marcela Campos, and CMO Sofia Aldin .

“We are a group of different genres, and they are all here out of pure competence and training in what they do, always enhancing the growth of Esportes da Sorte collectively and aiming to bring our audience the best in the segment. Therefore, every step taken in this direction It’s a satisfaction”, says Marcela.

This year, the platform made a large investment by sponsoring the women’s team at Palmeiras, in what is considered one of the largest, if not the largest, financial partnership with a club in South America.